Paros Endurance Race & Kids Kitesurfing Clinic

As you know, we don’t usually publish press releases here on iMK, however we couldn’t resist this double “good cause” whammy from our friends at the Global Kiter Foundation.

The work that GKF is doing aligns perfectly with our own goals and vision, so we hope you will join us in our support for these two very noble causes. We understand that you may not be able to get to these locations, but even just sharing this with others who may be interested, will go a long way to getting GKF’s message out to the masses.

GKF Paros Endurance Race

They are working incredibly hard to raise money to finance their various projects, and have been coming up with all sorts of creative fundraisers such as the one below. If you would like to help them with a small donation, you can do so here.

Thank you…

Paros Fundraising Endurance Race

From the 6th to the 8th of August 2012, Global Kiter Foundation is organizing a special fundraising Endurance Race where riders will challenge themselves while raising funds for a special charity.

It is the second time that GKF organises such an event in Greece, the first one being a team fundraising race that was held in Lefkadi, Evia on the 20th May 2012.

The objective is to raise funds to support the ongoing work of the Foundation. It is an excellent chance for the kiting community to come together and do something amazing!

Endurance races are a challenge, because they test the determination, strength and will-power of the participants, as well as their ability to strategize and work as a team. This brings the kiting community a step closer to GKF’s work and it sends a strong message of solidarity and support.

The charity event consists of races in three categories: 1. individual women, 2. individual men, and 3. team.

Each participant needs to strategize for the race, working with the wind forecast and their kiting experience. The rules are simple:

Individual Race

Kiters can only use one kite and board during the entire race.

Team Race

Each team consists of 3 kiters. They will share the same 1 kite during the entire race. Kites will be landed before they are passed to their team mates. They can each use their own board, but the kite will be shared among the team.

The winners (team and individual) will be the one who completes the most laps, therefore raising the most funds.

How is Money Raised?

When each lap is completed, 1 euro is donated to the team’s basket by friends and family. The winning team will be the one who completes the most laps.


  • To participate, athletes need to register here:
  • Registration fee: 40 euros (includes the Global Kiter rash guard and a gift from Quiksilver Greece).

The winners of each race will receive a special goodie bag from Quiksilver Greece and an invitation to a wakeboarding set at an incredible spot in Paros with the team from ntrl High.

To ensure safety and fun for all, spaces are limited! Please confirm participation ASAP: we are working on first come, first served basis!

100% of the donations raised will go straight to GKF to support our on-going work and to help buy equipment to teach people with disabilities how to kite. 

GKF Paros Endurance Race Poster

Global Kiter Foundation would like to thank the following supporters:

Quicksilver Greece for its donation of goodies for the participants and the winners, Ntrl High Wakeboarding School of Paros for giving a free wakeboard set to each winner, Paros Kiteboarding Resort for hosting the event and letting participants store their gear at the school during the race, the Local Council of Paros for granting us the authorization to run the event, Epic Kites for paying registration fees to participants who want to take part in the race, Greece Can and for supporting us with communications and logistics and Weendy for publishing live updates of the event via the weendy application.


Kids Kitesurfing Clinic with Dimitri & Cameron Maramenides

Kiteboarders aged between 8 to 16 years old are invited to take part in a free clinic which is aimed at bringing the next generation of kiters together to share tips, styles, ideas and fun.

GKF Ambassador Dimitri Maramenides will be on hand to give his tips too!

The Clinic is free, but spaces are limited to 10. Send us an email to register your child’s participation!

Please note: this clinic is for kids who already have a good level of riding. It is not a beginner clinic.

GKF KidsCamp Poster

The Global Kiter Foundation is a non-profit Foundation that uses kiteboarding to enrich the lives of people with physical disabilities and underprivileged youth throughout the world teaching new skills and independence.

Event Ambassadors: Dimitri Maramenides and Charlotte Consorti

Supported by Quicksilver Greece, Ntrl High Wakeboarding School of Paros, Paros Kiteboarding Resort, Greece Can, Local Council of Paros, Epic Kites, Weendy and

Visit for more info or contact The global winds of change have finally arrived! Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

If you have any questions or comments, or you would just like to express your support, please do so in the comments below.


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