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Nice plan. As you could understand from my previous replies, I am not a fanatic of Le Morne; especially for beginners. You will be fighting your way among tens of other beginners in a big anarchy. The bay of Poste Lafayette is by far the best to learn as the wind is on / side and the curve of the beach allows one to start several meters away from the beach as well.

The downside is that there are less choices in terms of where to stay if you are looking for a room to let. The villas I propose must be rented entirely, so not good you, except if you think that apartment Merina is what you like. Have a look at it on our website You can also rent a room at!home
What is better in Le Morne is that in the nearby village of La Gaulette, there are plenty of kitesurfers like you, alone or in groups so much better for spending evenings. The East is very calm.
If you have a 10m² it is ideal for Poste Lafayette but too big for Le Morne. You may contact Patrick at . He is the reseller of different brands like North and Airush. He will give you advice and you can buy the kite anywhere; even on the beach.

Re. the car.
If you are in Le Morne and do not stay in one of the hotels, you will need to either rent a car or make a pool with some other people on the spot. If you are in Poste Lafayette, La Maison d’été, you may not need one.

Hope this helps
Let me know if you come to the East, I can help you or indicate you a person who can teach you in the waves.


Comment on Mauritius East Coast Kite Spot Guide by Regev Wed, 15 Jul 2015 18:53:02 +0000 Hi,

I’m planning to be in mauritius in september – october.
I am traveling alone – is there a place that has shared rooms for kitesurfers? or anyone planning to be there at that time? I am independent, but pretty much a beginner. looking for the lagoons in the begninning and waves later on. where do you suggest me to stay? east coast or le morne? where do you buy kite equipment in mauritius? I have a 10m kite and a board I’d be bringing with me, but I might need a smaller kite to buy aswell – who can I contact to understand prices? do I need to rent a car or most spots are walking/bicycle distance?

Thank you,

Comment on Beginners Guide to Kitesurfing: Getting Started by inMotion Kitesurfing Mon, 13 Jul 2015 15:53:57 +0000 Hi Jared,

Yes, I would recommend starting with a trainer kite, but you don’t need to buy one yourself. Since most importantly of all, you need to take a few lessons with an instructor, he will provide you with an appropriate trainer kite for the early stages of your lessons.

You will very quickly progress from the trainer kite, which is why I don’t think you need to invest in your own one. Rather save the money for your first real kite.

I hope this helps, and I wish you all the best.


Comment on Beginners Guide to Kitesurfing: Getting Started by Jared Mon, 13 Jul 2015 15:00:34 +0000 Would you recommend starting with a trainer kite or do you think trainer kites are not necessary?

Comment on Kite Designs: Types of Kitesurfing Kites Simplified by longboardlover Sat, 04 Jul 2015 11:07:58 +0000 Old post, but very helpful for beginners who getting involved or buying a Delta kites,thank you for your valuable input.

Comment on Mauritius East Coast Kite Spot Guide by Bernard Cayeux Mon, 29 Jun 2015 06:03:27 +0000 Hi Stephen,

Belle Mare might be a bit tricky. Some parts of it more than others. If you will be at Belle Mare Plage hotel or at that end it will be better but until you become an expert you will need to body-drag about 25 to 40 meters away from the beach and try not to drift downwind. If the wind turn to the East / SE it will give you a much longer ride along the beach.
In other places it will be OK too but with shorter riding distances.

In Le Morne, where people learn it is not possible but starting upwind from the point where everyone else starts it will be easy as long as others leave you some space.

Hope it will work

Have a nice week.


Comment on Mauritius East Coast Kite Spot Guide by Bernard Cayeux Mon, 29 Jun 2015 05:53:08 +0000 Hello Deborah,

First, I wish to apologize for not responding sooner but I had not seen the message alerting me of a new question. I have tested 3 of the many schools in Le Morne and they all deserve recommendation although quite different.
Club Mistral: the biggest one and international. Very professional, nothing to say. Eventually they might be too busy / less flexible but there is no fact about this.
Yoaneye: Very involved and dedicated
Sonofkite. Also a small structure, more leaned on the fun experience than pure technique. In some cases, if you go through the first stages they may take you up the lagoon in their boat to let you learn away from the many learners, which is I think a plus.

Hope my advices do not come too late
Enjoy your rides,


Comment on Mauritius East Coast Kite Spot Guide by Stephen Sun, 28 Jun 2015 22:40:51 +0000 Hi Bernard,
I’m coming for 2 weeks in October. 1 week Belle Mare, 1 Week Le Morne.
I want to learn to hydrofoil if possible – I have one I can bring.
Where will be deep enough ?


Comment on Western Australia: Kitesurfing the Wild Wild West by Martina Manning Fri, 19 Jun 2015 01:08:13 +0000 Hi Fernando
There are plenty of flat water spots in WA – if you are looking for a spot near Perth, I would recommend Safety Bay. You can get a beach house near Rockingham which is an hour south of Perth. It gets pretty busy at this spot – but it is really nice!
Otherwise if you want to head North – there is flat water at Lancellin, Cervantes (Thirsty Point), or Sandy Bay – which is about 1.5 hours from Exmouth. This will be a bit less busy for sure!
Let me know if you need any other advice!

Comment on Mauritius East Coast Kite Spot Guide by debs Wed, 17 Jun 2015 10:09:05 +0000 Dear Bernard
Can you advise, we arrive on 5th July staying in the Le Morne area for 2weeks, we are 6 beginners and want to have lessons in Kitesurfing. Can you recommend a school?
Kind regards

Comment on Western Australia: Kitesurfing the Wild Wild West by Fernando Tue, 16 Jun 2015 21:23:55 +0000 Hi
I am writing from Argentina
I am planning a family vacation at Australia , this summer
My idea is to find at western region , a place for beginners , maybe a lagoon or a quiet bay
I try to get a beach resort for my family and a kite spot for me , no more than one hour drive
Can you help me ?

Comment on Katie Chandler: MIGK Follow Up Interview by anselmo Fri, 05 Jun 2015 17:08:02 +0000 one day appeared a rainbow over the ocean,a few minutes later appeared you at the sun set time walking along the Taiba beach with yours dogs,there on “beco da paz” , i’m sad now that iknow that i couldn’t see you again.

Comment on Mauritius East Coast Kite Spot Guide by Bernard Cayeux Tue, 26 May 2015 09:53:31 +0000 Hi Ruby,

Good decision as Le Morne is really a crowded place in winter. You are however likely to get wind there.
For kitesurfing the lagoon stretching South is great but nothing to write home about if you do not explore the little sweet spots. You will see where the other kites are and if you will be staying at an Attitude hotel the kite coach will brief you.

There is a spot named Joyride which is great flat water one but far from the beach; you may need a boat or launch from Mangenie island.

Re. car rental
Please contact me via my website; (click on my name above to get the address). Thanks

Comment on Mauritius East Coast Kite Spot Guide by Ruby Tue, 26 May 2015 06:45:22 +0000 Hi bernard,
Thanks for the response! We have actually decided to stay at Trou d’eau in July! Any tips for that area? And any suggestions on car rental?

Comment on Mauritius East Coast Kite Spot Guide by Bernard Cayeux Mon, 25 May 2015 10:28:58 +0000 Dear Ruby,

If we are talking specifically about Le Morne, it is important to know that the mountain accelerates thet wind a lot; this is why it is a regular and popular spot (also for its waves of course.) The wind coming from South-East, hotels that are away from the spot and West-facing have no wind.

However, the air and sea temperatures are still warm enough to make enjoyable holidays. Living here I can swear that the peak of winter is far more comfortable and enjoyable that the peak of summer.

In details:
At the Riu, for sure you will get wind,
At the St. Régis: you are already off main stream. Some places of the beach will be sheltered.
At the Lux it’s sheltered,
At the Dinarobin there is wind in the hotel and a bit on the beach but OK
At the Paradis its fully-sheltered

If you rent a villa, it will depend on which one but most of them turn their back to the wind (there are no beach villas in Le Morne).

On other costs, it again depends on the orientation. On the East coast you can live in a well-sheltered villa and kite-surf nearby or further out in the lagoon.

Do not hesitate to give me a call if you need more info about kite sizes, kiting conditions etc. My Skype is bookmauritius.villas1.

With best regards


Comment on Mauritius East Coast Kite Spot Guide by Ruby Sat, 23 May 2015 06:57:38 +0000 Hi Bernard,

My partner and I are wanting to go kitesurfing in Mauritius in the beginning of July. How are the wind and temperature conditions during that time? I’m afraid that it will not be warm enough for a nice tropical summer holiday destination. Also, do you suggest to stay in Le Morne or Bel Ombre?


Comment on Kite Spot Guide: Rodrigues Island by Corine Park Mazurier Wed, 15 Apr 2015 07:36:38 +0000 Hi, great article, well written and full of valuable info !! I just wanted to add another option lodging address situated after the Mourok Hotel and before la Belle Rodriguaise, the Bakwa Lodge. The Bakwa Lodge is comprised of 6 bungalows for 2 + 1 or 4 persons (in 2 rooms) and a villa for 8 persons , right on the beach with an impregnable view. All with half board. A small quaint, charming property to be discovered. Book in advance , rooms are few !! All the amenities and comfort of home in a well decorated eco lodge. Keep on kiting !!.

Comment on Beginners Guide to Kitesurfing: Getting Started by inMotion Kitesurfing Tue, 07 Apr 2015 03:34:39 +0000 We’re delighted to hear that Magdalena! You definitely should give it a go… you won’t regret it!

Comment on Beginners Guide to Kitesurfing: Getting Started by Magdalena Mon, 06 Apr 2015 14:24:02 +0000 you really inspired me and I want to try it!!! :):):)

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