Mauritius East Coast Kite Spot Guide

When kitesurfers think of Mauritius as a kitesurfing destination, their attention is usually focused on Le Morne, which has gained worldwide recognition as a hot wave riding spot thanks largely to the KSP World Pro Kite Surfing Tour. However, what few kiters realise is that there are also great spots (mainly for lagoon riding) along the East coast of Mauritius as well.

Mauritius East Coast Poste Lafayette

Since the winds come from the East coast of Mauritius, there are no accelerating factors on this side of the Island. This results in less “kiteable” days throughout the year along the East coast when compared to Le Morne or the North. However, during winter (from June to November,) the East coast definitely deserves your attention… for its beauty, colours, flat water conditions, and especially for its huge lagoons often with no one in the ocean, other than a few fishermen. No crowds, no buzz. Epic!

The main spots along the East coast of Mauritius are…

Pointe D’Esny

A beautiful setting with relatively flat water and on shore wind. Riding along the beach is fun, and most kitesurfers spend days along the bright-white beach, much to the dismay of the holiday makers and swimmers… ;-)

Mauritius Pointe d'Esny

Not recommended without properly organised security, but worth mentioning, it is possible to ride 20 kilometres downwind to Trou d’Eau Douce and Ile aux Cerfs, all within the lagoon.

Trou d’Eau Douce

Trou d’Eau Douce is known for its Ile-aux-Cerfs resort, which makes a great kitesurfing spot when conditions are perfect (wind direction S.S.E).

However the whole beach-front of Trou d’Eau Douce is ‘kiteable’ throughout winter (June to November). The lagoon is extra wide, most of it shallow and flat (riders must be careful at low tides). Launching is fine almost anywhere along the beach, especially nearer to the reefs (the East side), where there is plenty of space.

Trou d’Eau Douce also has a gem… bearing the great name of ‘Joyride’. It’s too far from the beach to be accessible from there though. Kitesurfers need to use the shuttle boats to Ile-aux-Cerfs, then walk to its east-facing beach or to its neighbour ‘Ilot Mangenie’ and launch from there. This still leaves a long upwind ride to reach Joyride, comprising of several square kilometres of shallow and very flat water along the barrier reef. It is of course ideal for jumps and speed rides, often with strong, stable and potent winds in winter.

Mauritius Trou d'Eau Douce


Palmar is another great spot on the East coast of Mauritius which is not well-known, and over-shadowed by Le Morne, from which it differs drastically. Palmar is a stretch of relatively narrow lagoon, not very deep, offering several square kilometres of flat water with a generally stable wind. This spot is ideal for jumping sessions.

Mauritius Palmar

Its 45-degree on-shore wind also makes it safe and attractive to beginners, and there’s a kitesurfing school based in Palmar from April to November, the winter period in the southern hemisphere. Palmar is probably not suitable outside this period.

Poste Lafayette

Poste Lafayette is great for many reasons:

Mauritius Poste Lafayette


  • It’s good for beginners as there is plenty of beach space for launching.
  • Owing to the curved shape of the shore, the launching spot is already 20 to 30 meters away from the shore.
  • The wind being generally onshore, this spot is safe and does not require boat rescues.
  • Relatively shallow a few metres from the shore, although it is not advisable to stand there without shoes.
  • No currents or particular hazards.

Intermediate Riders

It is good for intermediate riders as it is far from crowded (just a few kiters on weekends), and for those who are not yet good at staying upwind, as they can safely land at any point on the beach to walk upwind again.

Advanced Riders

Good for advanced riders, since there are two flat water zones that are good for jumping and some wave spots to carefully explore by following the locals.

Excellent regular wind conditions, especially in winter.

About Mauritius

The island of Mauritius can be compared to a gifted child; small in size, but lots happening under the hood. Its population illustrates this; 1.3 million inhabitants on just 720 sq miles… with an apparent booming economy and a relatively active presence on the international political and economical scene.

Mauritius Aerial View

This nation’s contrasts and contradictions can’t be missed though. The streets are busy with a mix of old choking buses and brand new top-of-the-range luxury cars. Rich businessmen and industrialists next to the very poor. Fair road network, terrible internet connection. The list goes on…

For the kitesurfer or the average visitor, these contrasts are what make this place so enjoyable, special and “sentimentally” tying. Many tourists come back year after year.

Kitesurfing Holidays

Owing to these specificities, it is possible to spend “comfortably simple” vacations in Mauritius. There are daily flights to and from Dubai, the regional hub, and also from Paris and London.

There are also several flights a week from some of Europe’s main cities such as Frankfurt, Rome and Moscow, and from South Africa, India, Malaysia and Australia. Flights can be very expensive in high season, (October to April), and more reasonably fared the rest of the year.

Poste Lafayette Villas

On the spot, almost anything is possible with a bit of organisation, lots of patience and a pinch of forgiveness. Cars can be rented from International brands or from unofficial car rental companies. Accommodation can be expensive for no apparent reason or of high quality in terms of value for money. It all depends on the period you are travelling in and with whom you book.

The windy season is from June to November, which is great because it corresponds with the low season, except during school holidays. The climate is relatively dry in austral winter, but it is windy and humid enough to make the climate not very tropical. The sea remains relatively warm throughout the year.

To get the most out of Mauritius, it is better to avoid the pre-organised tour packages, stay at a Guest house, small hotel or rent a villa, and rent a car or a local driver / guide. Buy your fish from the fishermen and your food from the local grocery shop. It is best to kitesurf for 2 to 3 hours in the morning while conditions are at their best, and then to go inland in the afternoons, visit villages, take walks and make sand castles with the kids.

Recommended Accommodation

There are of course plenty of hotels along the East coast of Mauritius, and three of them have officially declared themselves as “kitesurf-friendly.” These are: The Tropical Attitude hotel (3-star plus) and the Bougainville hotel, both located in Trou d’Eau Douce, offering free shuttles to Ile-aux-Cerfs, which will get you closer to Joyride, and the Emeraude Beach Attitude hotel, located in Palmar.

Mauritius Poste Lafayette Villas

There is also excellent alternative accommodation such as guest houses, and beach villas which are ideal for groups and families, some of which have beaches suitable for launching.

The website proposes several great beach villas in Pointe d’Esny, Belle Mare, Poste Lafayette and nearby Roches Noires.

If you have any questions regarding the kitesurfing on the East Coast of Mauritius, please feel free to ask away in the comments below. And if you’ve kited at some of these spots, or you know of any other great spots in this area, we’d love to hear from you in the comments as well.

Written by

Bernard Cayeux

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  1. Any suggestions for travel insurance that actually include kite surfing (personal accident and gear?) We’re going to Mauritius in October and getting specified insurance for kite-surfing is quite a hassle and expensive.


    • Hi Isabel, we don’t have any information on travel insurance for kitesurfing ourselves unfortunately, but we’ll ask Bernard if he has any experience with this, and if he can advise you.

    • Try World Nomads (.com) – they are a travel insurance company, I have used them before when travelling and kitesurfing holidays – although never through a claim.


  2. Dear Isabel, I’m afraid that when it comes to kitesurfing and other “extreme” sports, Insurance companies all get skitish. I have checked with local travel insurance companies here but found nothing to write home about, they are just representatives of worldwide travel insurance specialists.
    Sorry for not being able to help
    Enjoy your stay with us anyway- Best Regards, Bernard

  3. Elena Mitova says:

    Hi Bernard,
    I will be in Mauritius in few days and wondered if there is any place where I can rent kitesurf gears. I am a begginer and have started my classes a month ago and wanted to try kitesurfing in Mauritius. May be you can recommend an istructor as well – I prefer to have someone around since I don’t feel that confident by myslef yet.
    Thabks beforehand!

  4. Hi Elena,

    Thanks for writing. Yes, I know places to rent and / or get assistance. Please let me know in which region you’ll be staying for a better advice.
    Awaiting your post
    With best regards

    • Anders says:

      Hi Bernard
      I’m borrowing this thread.
      I stay in Roches Noires (North East) and just got the idea to try kite surfing, do you know any places around here that give lessons & rent gear?

      Best regards Anders

  5. Elena Mitova says:

    Thanks for your quick response.
    I will be staying in Labourdonnais Waterfront Hotel in Port Louis. I am looking for a kite classes on 1 and 2 November.


  6. Elena,
    From P. Louis, you will need to drive 1 hour at least to get to any kite spot. I therefore suggest you go to Le Morne.
    2 schools to recommend Contact Yoann from Yoaneye OR

    Ninja from Club Mistral

    If you could just mention to them that their names / addresses were given by me it would help me.

    Enjoy your stay and rides and if you need help, let me know

  7. Hi,

    Are there in the East nice wavespots? Can you tell more about that?

    Regards Lou

  8. Hi Lou,

    Not really. For the Sunday kitesurfer that I am, the waves are good enough on some days (especially in winter, June to October). They are not really on the reefs but just outside; then they end-up all foamy on the reefs where there is enough water during high tide. They are not orderly and the wind comes a bit from the back, so not a real wave spot but enough have me scared sometimes. :-) Security is inexistant as no boats can go outside the lagoon.

    The good point: there is hardly no one riding them or at worst 3 to 4 persons on a Sunday…

    Hope this helps and more questions are welcome

    With best regards


  9. Susanne Enger says:

    I see that you recomend three hotels that are kite friendly. Can you also rent kites there or do you have to go to Le Morne?

    • Dear Susanne,
      Thanks for your question and please accept my apologies for taking so long to react. There are no rentals on the hotel premises but they collaborate with a kiteschool located in Palmar, i.e. at less than 10-minutes drive from the Bougainville or Tropical. They were meant for riders coming with their own equipment.

      The Tropical should in fact be counted out now as it is suffering from erosion of its beach. Both hotels are owned by the Attitude Group. The Bougainville is now closed for renovation, due to re-open on Sept 15 under the name of Friday Attitude where it is likely that they will run an in-house kite-school / centre. I can investigate if your stay is going to be after their opening.

      There are in fact 2 operators in that region from which you can rent kites but like in Le Morne, it for you to kite where they are; not take the kite to some other place.

      Let me know if you need any additional information; I promise i will respond faster this time.


  10. Tess Collins says:

    Hi Bernard,
    Myself and my partner are looking to come out to Mauritius around the dates 25th Dec 2014 until 11th Jan 2015. Where do you recommend to kite surf at that time of year? He has his own kitesurfing gear that he will bring out and is an intermediate level. I am a beginner and would like to try it but it is not a necessity as I am quite happy on the beach! I see from your comments above that the Bougainville Hotel will be reopened by that time under ‘Friday Altitude’ so we could check that out. Also heard that Bel Ombre is good?
    We would like somewhere on a beach that has easy access for kitesurfing for him and beach/pool for me!
    Can you help at all?

    • Hi Tess,

      I’m sorry if you have not received my reply to your post ; I did reply to it but can’t see it online.

      Just in case, here is the essential of it.

      Unfortunately, in December / January, there is simply no wind. Unless there is a storm around that can make a day of nice wind, you will get a day or two of thermal-type in the North or on the West coast (La Preneuse) but they never last. In the North it is more likely to have some days with 12 to 15 knots. On the East coast it’s most unlikely. So the Friday Attitude won’t work this time, or only for you on the beach ; it has a nice beach indeed. Bel Ombre is also out of question.

      It is more likely to have wind, in Le Morne, Bel Ombre and the North up to mid or end November. On the East coast it’s rather up to end October. So, if you like the East coast, it is better to come earlier.

      There are other good reasons for avoiding the Dec / Jan period.
      – It is very busy and crowded with everywhere being pretty booked-up.
      – It’s about twice the rates (airfare and accommodation,) as just before, about 50 % higher than during the Oct / Nov school holidays.

      I hope this helps despite the late posting. Let me have your feedback then I’ll try to give you some tips.

      Have a nice day,


  11. pierre cimma says:

    I a comming sept October what size kite must I bring

    • Hi Pierre,

      It depends on where you intend to kite. In Le Morne it’s always between 7 and 9 m2. In Bel Ombre it would be 8 to 10. In the North 9 to 11, in the East, 9 to 12. This is a guideline for free-riding and some waves for a 75 to 85 Kg rider.

      Hope it helps



  12. christian says:

    Hi Bernard,
    we are coming to Mauritius in Octobre. Do you have any idea how the conditions for kitesurfing are at Roches Noire/Riviere Du Rampart north of Poste Lafayette. It seems to be a shallow lagoon (google maps) but I did not found any information on the internet.

    Thank you


  13. Hi Christian,

    The lagoon of Roches Noires is great for kitesurfing; although sometimes a bit irregular when the wind is very Southerly. Deep enough every where except near the beach at low tide (in some places.) The reefs are a bit tricky though.
    You will find some information here on my website
    Call me when you get there if you need help;

    With best regards


  14. Terry moody says:

    hi Bernard,
    we arrive in mauritius on the 3rd Nov-17th Nov and are staying at the preskil beach resort in the s/e of the island,for the purpose of getting married.but would love to bring the kites.

    1.will the wind still be blowing at this time/and what would be the average speed at this time of year.
    2.could you recomend a school nearby for safety purposes/downwinders etc.

    thankyou for any information you could supply
    thanks Terry

    • Hi Terry, I’m staying at Preskil from the 10th – 17th. I will definitely have my gear with me. See you on the beach

  15. Hi there

    Where would be best for wind towards the end of April?


    • Hi Paula,

      The best bet remains the North (around Anse-la-Raie) although if everything’s normal, Le Morne should start “working” again in April.


  16. Hi Bernard
    I am planning to come to Mauritius in September and was wondering if you can suggest what is the best place to be on the East coast.
    I am a kite surf beginner who wants to practice as much as possible preferably on an uncrowded beach.

    I look forward to hearing from you.



  17. Dear Zoran,

    The very best for beginners is Poste Lafayette. We hav several options of villas nearby (some at walking distance) the main bay where conditions are best but have only one option of villa sitting on that very bay. It is villa Vanora counting 4 bedrooms / bathrooms. Please have a look at it on my website (I guess links won’t work here) and let me know. It’s rate is 225 € / night if you are no more than 6; 270 € if you are 8.

    Thanks in advance for your return.

    With best regards


  18. Hello
    For those who want a comfortable accommodation in Mauritius, we are opening Résidence Les Alizés in La Gaulette which is where all kite surfers going to Le Morne famous spot go. I would be grateful if you could spread the news in the kitesurfing community. The residence is being built right now and should open in September or October 2015. There will be 1 two bedroom apartment and 2 three bedroom apartments with AC in all bedroom. All in a small tropical garden with a swimming pool and sea view, terraces etc.
    The cost per night starts at 59€ and up to 69€ and 79€ depending on which apartment you choose. To launch the service, we are proposing a fantastic deal: 75% discount for the first 100 to register, hoping that they will like the place and make it known. If you want to know the exact date of opening, please follow us on Twitter (@AlizesMauritius) or on FB ( alternatively, if you click on my name just above, you should find our website. Unfortunately it is only in French at the moment but an English version is coming soon. Happy reading and looking forward to welcome you in Mauritius

  19. neil flemming says:

    Hi Bernard

    I am coming to the island in the 2nd week of April. I have my wife and baby and i am a beginer kitesurfer.
    Where are the best condtiions for kite surfing at this time and what size kite do you recommend that i bring – i am 95kg

    Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.

  20. Hi Neil,

    It will depend upon where you’ll be kiting. Where will you be staying? If there is wind in Le Morne it would be a 8 to 9m. In the North 10 to 12m. In the East 11 to 12m.
    Let me know if you need any more information.
    Enjoy your stay

  21. Hi Bernard,

    My partner and I are wanting to go kitesurfing in Mauritius in the beginning of July. How are the wind and temperature conditions during that time? I’m afraid that it will not be warm enough for a nice tropical summer holiday destination. Also, do you suggest to stay in Le Morne or Bel Ombre?


    • Dear Ruby,

      If we are talking specifically about Le Morne, it is important to know that the mountain accelerates thet wind a lot; this is why it is a regular and popular spot (also for its waves of course.) The wind coming from South-East, hotels that are away from the spot and West-facing have no wind.

      However, the air and sea temperatures are still warm enough to make enjoyable holidays. Living here I can swear that the peak of winter is far more comfortable and enjoyable that the peak of summer.

      In details:
      At the Riu, for sure you will get wind,
      At the St. Régis: you are already off main stream. Some places of the beach will be sheltered.
      At the Lux it’s sheltered,
      At the Dinarobin there is wind in the hotel and a bit on the beach but OK
      At the Paradis its fully-sheltered

      If you rent a villa, it will depend on which one but most of them turn their back to the wind (there are no beach villas in Le Morne).

      On other costs, it again depends on the orientation. On the East coast you can live in a well-sheltered villa and kite-surf nearby or further out in the lagoon.

      Do not hesitate to give me a call if you need more info about kite sizes, kiting conditions etc. My Skype is bookmauritius.villas1.

      With best regards


      • Hi bernard,
        Thanks for the response! We have actually decided to stay at Trou d’eau in July! Any tips for that area? And any suggestions on car rental?

  22. Hi Ruby,

    Good decision as Le Morne is really a crowded place in winter. You are however likely to get wind there.
    For kitesurfing the lagoon stretching South is great but nothing to write home about if you do not explore the little sweet spots. You will see where the other kites are and if you will be staying at an Attitude hotel the kite coach will brief you.

    There is a spot named Joyride which is great flat water one but far from the beach; you may need a boat or launch from Mangenie island.

    Re. car rental
    Please contact me via my website; (click on my name above to get the address). Thanks

  23. Dear Bernard
    Can you advise, we arrive on 5th July staying in the Le Morne area for 2weeks, we are 6 beginners and want to have lessons in Kitesurfing. Can you recommend a school?
    Kind regards

    • Hello Deborah,

      First, I wish to apologize for not responding sooner but I had not seen the message alerting me of a new question. I have tested 3 of the many schools in Le Morne and they all deserve recommendation although quite different.
      Club Mistral: the biggest one and international. Very professional, nothing to say. Eventually they might be too busy / less flexible but there is no fact about this.
      Yoaneye: Very involved and dedicated
      Sonofkite. Also a small structure, more leaned on the fun experience than pure technique. In some cases, if you go through the first stages they may take you up the lagoon in their boat to let you learn away from the many learners, which is I think a plus.

      Hope my advices do not come too late
      Enjoy your rides,


  24. Stephen says:

    Hi Bernard,
    I’m coming for 2 weeks in October. 1 week Belle Mare, 1 Week Le Morne.
    I want to learn to hydrofoil if possible – I have one I can bring.
    Where will be deep enough ?


    • Hi Stephen,

      Belle Mare might be a bit tricky. Some parts of it more than others. If you will be at Belle Mare Plage hotel or at that end it will be better but until you become an expert you will need to body-drag about 25 to 40 meters away from the beach and try not to drift downwind. If the wind turn to the East / SE it will give you a much longer ride along the beach.
      In other places it will be OK too but with shorter riding distances.

      In Le Morne, where people learn it is not possible but starting upwind from the point where everyone else starts it will be easy as long as others leave you some space.

      Hope it will work

      Have a nice week.


  25. Hi,

    I’m planning to be in mauritius in september – october.
    I am traveling alone – is there a place that has shared rooms for kitesurfers? or anyone planning to be there at that time? I am independent, but pretty much a beginner. looking for the lagoons in the begninning and waves later on. where do you suggest me to stay? east coast or le morne? where do you buy kite equipment in mauritius? I have a 10m kite and a board I’d be bringing with me, but I might need a smaller kite to buy aswell – who can I contact to understand prices? do I need to rent a car or most spots are walking/bicycle distance?

    Thank you,

  26. Dear Regev,
    Nice plan. As you could understand from my previous replies, I am not a fanatic of Le Morne; especially for beginners. You will be fighting your way among tens of other beginners in a big anarchy. The bay of Poste Lafayette is by far the best to learn as the wind is on / side and the curve of the beach allows one to start several meters away from the beach as well.

    The downside is that there are less choices in terms of where to stay if you are looking for a room to let. The villas I propose must be rented entirely, so not good you, except if you think that apartment Merina is what you like. Have a look at it on our website You can also rent a room at!home
    What is better in Le Morne is that in the nearby village of La Gaulette, there are plenty of kitesurfers like you, alone or in groups so much better for spending evenings. The East is very calm.
    If you have a 10m² it is ideal for Poste Lafayette but too big for Le Morne. You may contact Patrick at . He is the reseller of different brands like North and Airush. He will give you advice and you can buy the kite anywhere; even on the beach.

    Re. the car.
    If you are in Le Morne and do not stay in one of the hotels, you will need to either rent a car or make a pool with some other people on the spot. If you are in Poste Lafayette, La Maison d’été, you may not need one.

    Hope this helps
    Let me know if you come to the East, I can help you or indicate you a person who can teach you in the waves.


  27. Hello,
    I am coming to mauritius this week, sunday the 7th through sunday the 16th of august.
    I am staying at the shandrani. Is there kiting at the public beach just south of there? Also, is there a place to park at pointe d’esny if I go there?
    Who would be the best kite shop to call for the best condition report day to day?
    Thank you for your help!

  28. Dear Randy,

    It’s been a long time I haven’t been in that region and I am going this pm in fact. The people at Shandrani will be able to give you information as there is a kite school there. Normally, you should be able to launch just from the upwind beach of the hotel. From there, you will easily reach the flat waters on Pointe d’Esny; within 1 minute.

    The public beach across the bay is not a solution as there are many people and it is slightly sheltered if wind is east.

    For weather conditions, Windguru and Windfinder remain the best alternative although since a few years, owing to sea-warming I guess, they are far less on the spot as regards to clouds and precipitation.

    Enjoy your stay


  29. Morten says:

    Dear Bernard,
    Thanks for this blog. Very usefull and good info!
    I am comming with my family in sep-oct 2015
    I Will bring my own kite, hairness pump etc. But i will need to buy or rent a board.
    If I buy it I would like to sell again when im leaving.
    It dosent have to be a new board – second hand would be fine.
    Do you think this is possible?
    My first week will be at friday attitude hotel on the eastcoast.
    Where is the closest kiteshop from there?
    Best regards and thanks again

  30. Hi Morten,

    I am also looking for a (second hand) board, a twin tip that works on waves. There is a shop and another reseller in Grand Bay; one for Airush and the other for Cabrinha. For other brands you will need to go to le Morne. I will be leaving Mauritius for a kite trip in the second half of October; what are your dates?

    In the meantime, have a look at this FB page
    it’s people looking to buy and sell kite stuff. There is a guy I know selling a Naish 2014 twintip 138 X 41. I am going to try it next time.

    Contact me on my website to leave me your mail or FB page so that I can invite you to the group.

    Best regards


  31. Barbara says:

    Hi Bernard
    Great info here. I may have the opportunity to go at the end of September staying at Long Beach Hotel, what spot is the best from there? I’m planning to take my gear (6m and 9m) just in case there is wind. I’m autonomous but still beginner so will practice my turns and upwind skills and maybe try a jump. I was wondering if there is a place where I can go for information on the beach, wind and currents from local experts as I won’t be taking lessons. I was in Zanzibar in February with lagon and reefs areas although I never made it to the reef… Local information is great to be aware of any hazards.

  32. Hello Barbara,
    If the hotel allows it, you can launch on its beach, except if it is too South. Walking down the beach up to the Golf course (see it on Google earth) will make launching easier if the wind is not “clear” enough in front of the hotel.

    If you are autonomous, the lagoon is safe everywhere; just avoid the area near the passes; (there’s only one near the Long Beach and anyone can show you where). For very local advice, the people from the boat house at the hotel may be able to help. For pure kitesurf advice, there is a guy call Alois, living near the St. Géran hotel. He is an instructor despite his 80-ish age… He often kites off the golf course. I can give you his number if you contact me by e-mail.

    If you do not feel safe in the region of the hotel, then drive around the bay down to Poste Lafayette Beach; it’s the safest and easiest spot for beginners and great for all.

    Re. your kites
    6m² will definitely be too small; 9m² is fine.
    See you hopefully on the water
    With best regards


    • Barbara says:

      Thank you very much Bernard! It seems there is rain forecast for the week I’ll be there but will bring kites with me just in case!
      Would be great to have Alois number in case I need some advise/ progress. I will send you and email
      See you on the water!

  33. Hi Barbara,

    Thanks for this message and your mail. I have sent you Alois’s number. Do not worry about forecasts, they are no longer reliable owing to the climate change I guess. There is wind and it is going to last a few days; I guess until Saturday at least.

    Enjoy your stay if we don’t meet.

  34. Hi Bernard

    I’m coming out to Marituis the first 2 weeks in November with my husband and we both want to Kite. Where would be best at this time ? I’ve kited at Le Morne but am worried my husband may find this too busy! Could you also send me the link to your villas if there is any availability?

    Many thanks for any help you can give :)

  35. Hi Sam,

    Thanks for writing. I fully agree with your husband… :) To be honest, November could be a bit the end of the season on the East coast; the North is a better bet for the wind but there I have no villas (left) from where you could kite just by walking a few 100 metres up the beach. You could stay on the East, enjoy when possible and drive to Anse-la-Raie when the wind is lean. I’s less than 30 minutes away.

    Please have a look at my website: and send me a request with your dates etc. from there
    I’ll be pleased to let you know our availabilities and suggestions.

    Enjoy your day


  36. Anne-Cecile says:

    We are just back from our kitesurfing holiday in Mauritius and wanted to share our views on the Poste lafayette spot, just behind the Jalsa hotel, the school is called kitesurf zone. The spot is not good to launch the kite as beginners, as there is no space. The teachers always have to launch for you, so you cannot become independent. Also, if you cannot go upwind, they will have to pick you up with the boat at the bottom of the lagoon, it’s too deep to walk on your own. Some teachers are friendly, some are not, and some don’ t speak English. Eventually, you won’t get a lot of advice, as they offer no radio helmet so you are on your own. Or you share your kite with 2 other people, so get very little time of practice of your lesson (in theory 3 hours). All that for 120EUR… overall, a very outdated lesson and not possible to become independent.
    Other than that, the spot is not busy and flat. In November, the wind was quite low.
    At the Morne, water is choppier, it’s busier, but still plenty of space, and easier to launch (although still not 100% easy).
    Hope these comments help! :-)

    • Hi Anne-Cecile,

      Thank you very much for taking the time to share your experience at Poste lafayette. I’m sorry to hear that your lessons weren’t ideal there, but I’m sure your feedback will be valuable for others considering taking lessons there. Did you get to experience a better spot or school that you would recommend beginners go to for lessons while you were in Mauritius (besides Morne)?



  37. Hi Anne-Cecile,

    Thank you for your comments on the lessons. As regards to the spot, kindly note that this is not the Poste Lafayette spot (see on our website). It is not far from where the school is but it makes all the difference. Relatively shallow waters, safe wind direction, lots of space. I however learned kitesurfing at the place you mentioned and enjoyed my lessons; it was a different school at that time but the spot, although not ideal, was OK. It is true that at that time we were counting just on ourselves to succeed.

    For sure Le Morne is a prime spot but it depends upon your age and character I guess. I recommend Poste Lafayette because there are far less people and not that spirit of competition and showing-off. More importantly it is because you can rent a villa and kitesurf in front of it. It is another way of enjoying the same sport.

    Hope you still enjoyed your holidays.

    With best regards


  38. Hi Bernard
    I’ll be coming out to Mauritius and staying in the north from 19th December. From your previous comments there seems little point in considering kitesurfing due to no wind. Such a shame! So to check, are the weather patterns similar this year do you think or is it worth me putting my 10 on the airplane?
    Many thanks for your advice-looking forward to coming!

  39. Hi Pete,
    The North is about the only place where you can hope for wind at this period. It can happen just because of a late anti-cyclone, some thermal working for an hour or two or a cyclone nearby. If you stay 2 weeks, you may have 1 or 2 days of wind, you will need to be at the right place at the right time. If you stay a week, then it is better to leave your kite behind and enjoy the many other possible activities. :)

    Enjoy your stay,


  40. Hi Bernard,
    Thank you for writing article and hope you are still able to return my call.
    We would like to come to Mauritius early this June and wanted to ask your advice please?
    I kite, but my partner doesn’t so, would like to mix kiting with some other options. I’d like to bring my kite gear to cover different wind ranges but trying to find the right spot is becoming a headache for us :(
    We saw the Emeraude Beach Attitude hotel but is this ok to directly kite from or should we consider somewhere else? For example we saw Friday attitude??
    Many thanks in advance,

    • Hi Keith,
      I’m sorry; it’s only now that I see your post and of course it is too late for my advice. I hope you enjoyed your stay as there was abnormally a lot of wind in the past 2 weeks.

      Thanks to post us something about your experience on this page; it will help others.

      With best regards


      • Hi Bernard,
        Thank you so much for your reply, I understand you will be busy so thank you again.
        Unfortunately, I heard that my partner had to go in for an operation the week before our planned trip. So, we did not arrive, I hope to look again at Mauritius in the future. Your information, especially to Poste Lafayette sounded like the place we would have headed towards.
        All the best,

  41. Malgosia says:

    We are planning holidays in August, and need to decide between La Morne and Belle Mare.
    We are a family with two teens 13 &17; we like flat water and we hate the crowd.
    But we would like to kite everyday :-)
    Can you help us to decide?

    • Dear Malgosia,

      It’s very easy to answer to your post. :) If you do not like the crowd, don’t go to Le Morne, especially in August.
      You are still left with 4 or 5 other options as in August, unless you are unlucky, you will get at least 5 days of wind every 6 days anywhere along the East coast; it will just be less strong than in Le Morne and it’s better this way.
      – Bel Ombre (south) where it works well in winter. I never had a ride there as it is a bit limited; just going back and forth across a not so wide lagoon but it’s flat and I guess that if you take some advice from those practicing there often, there might be a wave or two to catch. Draw back: Accommodation only in fairly large resorts
      – Pointe d’Esny (south-east) really good in winter as you could ride for kilometres and it is quite animated in August (kitewise) with surely 1 or 2 competitions or meetings, namely for foil kiteboards. There are 3 hotels but 2 are not ideal for launching. The better options are guest houses or villa rentals on the beach. You will just need to walk a few metres to launch.
      – Trou d’Eau Douce – Accommodation mainly in hotels; one is fairly well-located.
      – Belle Mare / Palmar – In some places launching can be a bit tricky on the days the wind is south / south-east. Accommodation mainly in hotels but villas available as well. It is the same lagoon as Poste Lafayette which is for me the best place for winter. We have several villas in Poste Lafayette; hotels are not great.
      The North – You will get a bit more wind there but in most cases you will have to drive to Anse la Raie spot which is not the most convenient one to launch and a bit crowded on weekends.

      Thanks to let me know what information made you consider only Belle Mare as an alternative to Le Morne.
      In Poste Lafayette we will have a brand new villa with pool, not far from where I live. It has only 2 bedrooms and because its construction will finish beginning July, we will be offering a promotional rate in August. Not possible to launch in front of it but at walking distance to the kiting spot.
      Hope this helps.

      With best regards

  42. roy gordon says:

    Hello Bernard,

    im planning a kite vacation from 7-23 October with my wife, were both good kite surfers, from what we have read October is the end of the season, from your experience what is the wind stats during this period ? were a bit hesitant to come all the way and not have wind…..

    thanks roy

    • Hi Roy,

      No worries about October; it is somehow the end of the season but not outside it. It is after October that there is a change in patterns and intensity. In October, you will have some days without wind and you might not have very high winds but on the East coast it would be between 16 and 20, in the North, 18 to 20 or a bit more sometimes, in Le Morne it will be the usual 22+ almost guaranteed. Where will you be staying?

      With best regards


  43. roy gordon says:

    Hello Bernard,

    thank you very much for the positive info, we were a bit hesitant because its almost at the end of the season, still you never know with the weather… :-)
    we were considering the Riu because its on the spot, but if you have any suggestions id be happy to hear what you recommend, especially if its lighter on my “pocket”…..


  44. KitingGurus says:


    I am looking for a bit of advice – we are both kiting instructors, love the flat water and like to play in somall waves but flat is best.

    We don’t get to choose our holiday times – we have to take 3 weeks in Apr / May and are hoping to come to Mauritius. I’ve been doing a lot of research but would like some unbiased info / advice on the wind conditions at that time, esp on the east coast? We tend to need around a steady 13 kts + otherwise we go and do something else!! :) How good is the breeze around that time generally? I’m thinking of staying in Palmar or Belle Mare area but wondering how long it takes by car to get to Le Morne if we wanted to head down there for the day ……

  45. What a great page, and looks like EXACTLY what I am looking for. I am an independant kitesurfer. Not expert. I can stay upwind and and just starting to jump. I am thinking of coming to Mauritius on August 2018 with my family. So it is mainly a family holiday but I hope to get a little bit of kiting in. My wife wants a hotel – all inclusive type because of travelling with children. Le Morne sounds too busy for me in August, I don’t like crowds as I am not yet good enough to ride confidently in packed waters. Looked at Bel Ombre…Outrigger hotel. Only thing is I have been unable to find out if it is possible to kite from the hotel beach. It looks unlikely, I think you have to walk to C Beach Club which is 800m away next to Heritage Telfair. The other hotel I am looking at is the Long Beach on the East Coast. Is there a kite spot near the Long Beach? Thanks!!

  46. Hi
    My children and i are coming in two weeks, for two weeks.
    should i bring my 13 and bord or not?
    I need 14knots with this gear
    or is the season over?
    we have not yet decided on what side of the island to stay
    best regards