Meet the Global Kiter Foundation!

Global Kiter FoundationThe next generation of kiteboarding is here! The Global Kiter Foundation has just launched with big ambitions for our great sport.

What’s it all about?

The Global Kiter Foundation is a fresh, new approach to kitesurfing. It is the only non-profit Foundation in the industry that aims to regroup kiters, professional riders, industry leaders, school owners, instructors, riders, beach users and supporters, to improve access to our sport.

Everyone in the community and the wider public can paly a role in GKF. Through committed environmental work, comprehensive education and an involved community, GKF intends on working for the good of kiting as well as the kiters.

Global Kiter Foundation - Kitesurfing Organization

The winds of change have arrived. Be part of them.

We are global foundation but we think local. At GKF, we are putting the focus on reinvesting in local kitesurfing efforts. Money raised through the foundation goes directly to improving your local environment through projects. Every cent donated goes straight to the projects you choose.

This is the 100% model in action; supporters decide where their money goes and see how it is spent.

Who are we? The team behind GKF has been involved in kiteboarding for over ten years. As co-founders and dedicated kiters, Sandrine Roussos Werner and Charles Werner saw a chance to develop a cohesive, inclusive organization. They want to bring the global community of kitesurfers together to share experience and knowledge.

Dimitri Maramenides - GKF Ambassador

GKF Ambassador, Dimitri Maramenides

GKF is also joined by a team of experienced and enthusiastic ambassadors. We are proud to have prominent members of the kitesurfing community helping us reach our goals: Dimitri Maramenides, Charlotte Consorti, Laurel Eastman, Jerome Josserand, Nuria Goma and Jack Elston are all part of our talented supporters.

Get involved now! With your support, and the support of dedicated teams like inMotion Kitesurfing, we can help make the difference that will count.

Stay tuned- we are looking forward to supporting projects in South Africa. You will hear news soon. Visit our site, stay updated, and get involved in your community!

You can check it out here: or email us at for more info. Don’t forget Facebook and Twitter too!

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  1. Thanks for sharing your vision with us guys. We are honoured to be part of your noble cause, and we look forward to working together as you embark on your ambitious mission to make a difference.

    You have our full support from South Africa!

    The inMotion Kitesurfing Team

  2. Thanks for bringing this to our attention B. I hope we can somehow get involved and help make a small difference.

    • Thanks for your response Bruce, and for expressing your support. We definitely hope Kitesports will get involved too. The more the merrier…

      Let’s all work together and make it a BIG difference rather… ;-)

  3. Dean Bottcher says:

    It is great to be moving ahead on this and I look forward to putting some plans into action. Thanks for all your efforts at GKF.

  4. Global Kiter Foundation says:

    Hi guys
    Thanks a lot for your great support. We really appreciate it, and are very happy to have found like-minded people ready to help in any way you can.
    We are looking forward to taking a plan of action to the next level!

    Stay posted here for more information soon….

    • It is our pleasure!

      We are happy to be involved with you guys and to support you where we can. Your vision and goals align with our own goals perfectly, and we look forward to an exciting road ahead…