Freeride Project Rail Set

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Freeride Project Rail Set: Court, Hadlow, Cunnigham

Every year Real Watersports hosts the Triple-S invitational, one of the world’s biggest wake style kiteboarding events. The Triple-S is a truly unique place to ride and compete, with everything from the Wave kickers on the sea to the full slider park that can be set up in the sound.

After the event Tom Court hooked up with Aaron Hadlow and Craig Cunningham for a Freeride session on the North rooftop rail, and a few freestyle tricks thrown in for good measure.

Freeride Project Rail Set

Riders: Aaron Hadlow, Craig Cunnigham, Tom Court

Filmed by: (Sophie Mathews)

Edited by: Tom Court (

Contests Results:

Men’s Surf:

  1. Aaron Hadlow (GBR) $4,000
  2. Sam Light (GBR) $1,700
  3. Tom Court (GBR) $900

Men’s Slicks:

  1. Aaron Hadlow (GBR) $4,000
  2. Brandon Scheid (USA) $1,700
  3. Rick Jensen (DEU) $900

Men’s Sliders:

  1. Sam Light (GBR) $4,000
  2. Brandon Scheid (USA) $1,700
  3. Chad Worrall (USA) $900

Women’s Surf:

  1. Victoria Soloveykina $1,600
  2. Hope Levin $650
  3. Colleen Carroll $350

Women’s Slicks:

  1. Colleen Carroll $1,600
  2. Victoria Soloveykina $650
  3. Hope Levin $350

Women’s Sliders:


  1. Colleen Carroll $1,600
  2. Claire Lutz $650
  3. Sensi Graves $350

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