Some Things Never Change

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Chris Bobryk: Some Things Never Change

Chris has spent most of his last three kite seasons exploring Northern Brazil. He’s been chilling with some great people and learning a lot in the process… One character in particular was Delron and this is what he had to say about Brazil.

“Some things never change, & thats the women. You could have you a fat one, a skinny one, a fishermen’s mother, daughter, but their all the same. They all like to budder yaaa down!”

But mostly Brazil is home to the best kiteboarding lagoons and jungles to explore, so Enjoy!

Chris Bobryk: Some Things Never Change

Music: Pharoahe Monch vs Bassnectar Simon Says BASS TO YOUR FACE
Rider: Chris Bobryk
Knowledge: Eric Leon AKA Delron
Camera: Sean Buell
Gear: Best kiteboarding- Kite: TS Board: Profanity Bar: Extract

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