My Pocket Beaches

Tags : Paulino Pereira, Strapless, Kitesurfing, Portugal

Paulino Pereira: My Pocket Beaches

In this strapless wave riding video, Paulino Pereira makes the most out of relatively small surf this summer in Portugal. While the wind was good this summer, they weren’t so lucky with the waves. That didn’t stop him from recording a few fun sessions doing strapless freestyle tricks though.

Kick back and enjoy the video with Paulino and his Pocket Beaches…

Paulino Pereira: My Pocket Beaches

Sponsored by:
Camera: Inês Correia, Pedro Neto, Ralph Boelen and Vasco Santos
Video Production: Paulino Pereira
Music: Matt Miller x Kilter – Gravel Pit (Flume Remix)

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