Happy Birthday inMotion Kitesurfing… And More!

Happy Birthday inMotion KitesurfingYes, that’s right! inMotion Kitesurfing is one year old today… and no, this is no April Fool’s prank!

It has been one year to the day since we published our very first article on this site: The Beginners Guide to Kitesurfing: Getting Started, written by yours truly, who only goes by the illusive name of “The Editor”… ;-)

While it’s amazing that a whole year has gone by so quickly, we find it even more amazing that our website has grown so quickly, and it’s all thanks to YOU, our loyal readers and supporters.

When we first launched this website, we set ourselves some rather ambitious goals. Our plan was to build a platform for the kitesurfing community that would give individual kitesurfers and industry stakeholders a voice to be heard on the internet. We also planned to proactively work towards the development of our sport through awareness campaigns and by supporting and promoting various charitable causes.

So What Have We Achieved?

Since it’s our Birthday today, we thought we would take the liberty of tooting our own horn a bit. So here goes…

We launched a very successful campaign to promote girls in kitesurfing last year, called “The Most Influential Girl Kitesurfer”. The support and feedback from this campaign was overwhelmingly positive, and we plan on going even bigger and better this year!

Kari Schibevaag - Kiteboarding

Kari Schibevaag | iMK 2011 Most Influential Girl Kitesurfer

We supported and promoted a number of development programs and environmental initiatives, and we partnered with the Global Kiter Foundation (GKF) to bring their development programs to Africa.

We are also proud of the fact that we were able to give kitesurfers like Jessica Winkler a voice to be heard in the industry, and to help their growth in the sport. Jessica recently became a fully sponsored rider, and will be competing in a number of PKRA events this year. A follow up article from Jessica is coming soon.

Oh, and we became an official publishing partner for the KSP World Tour.

KSP One Eye Pro - Wave Riding Image

KSP One Eye Pro | Photo by John Bilderback

Our Publishing Model

As you may have noticed if you have been following us for a while, we tend to do things differently here at iMK as far as publishing goes. We don’t publish daily kitesurfing news on our website, apart from our coverage of kitesurfing events such as the KSP Tour, and even that we do differently from other online kitesurfing magazines. Nor do we post every video that comes across our desk.

So why do we do that, you might ask. Well, we believe that there are plenty of great kitesurfing websites and magazines doing a really good job of publishing the daily industry news and videos. So rather than adding to the noise, we prefer to support them instead by sharing and promoting their content through our social media channels and in our daily kitesurfing paper: The inMotion Kitesurfing Daily if we think you will find it interesting. We also know that if you are like us, you are already overwhelmed by daily emails that you simply don’t have time to read. So with this in mind, we like to publish once a week (give or take), and really make it count.

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Your details are safe with us, and will never be sold, rented or given to a third party! Now we’d like to think we have a good publishing model, but we don’t like leaving anything to chance. So for this reason, we’d like to hear from YOU, our loyal readers and supporters, without whom, none of this would be possible. So we’ve created a short survey (or three) for you to tell us what you like and what you don’t like. Please take a few moments to anonymously respond to this survey. We appreciate your time.

We will find an appropriate place to permanently host these surveys on our website, so if you change your mind at any point, you can come back and update your answers, or simply leave a comment with your thoughts in the comment section below. We will take ALL comments into consideration.

In closing, thank you for your support. It’s been a GREAT first year for us! We have learned a lot in the process, and will continue listening and learning as we go…

Oh, and Happy April fool’s day! Seriously… :-)

Your Editor


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  1. Thank you inMotion for all your continued support! I couldn’t have done what i’ve done without you. We’ve made a wonderful team and i’m really proud of your success!!