KSP World Tour: Mauritius One Eye Pro Results

The 2011 KSP World Tour debuted on Friday with the world’s top pro kitesurfers arriving in Mauritius to compete for the prestigious Kitesurfing World Championship Title.

KSP One Eye Pro - Wave Riding Image

If you’re looking for the 2012 KSP One Eye Pro updates & results, follow this link: 2012 KSP One Eye Kite Surf Pro

The first stop on the 2011 Kitesurfing World Pro Tour calendar will run from 23 to 29 September 2011, at the famous wave riding spot One Eye in Le Morne, Mauritius.

The world’s top 24 male and 12 female kitesurfers are competing for the coveted KSP (Kitesurf Pro Tour) World Title, with the Mauritius One Eye Pro being the first of three World Championship Wave Riding Tour stops.

We will be updating this article with the latest competition results and kitesurfing news from One Eye on a daily basis, so refer back to this article or follow us on Facebook or Twitter to keep up to date with this prestigious kitesurfing event.

The second and third (final) legs of the 2011 KSP World Tour can be found here:

Peru Pacasmayo Kitesurf Pro | Ponta Preta Kitesurf Pro

Competition Results: Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4 | Day 5 | Day 6: Finals

Day 1 (23 September)

KSP One Eye Pro Update 1

Due to the light winds forecasted for the first day of the Mauritius One Eye Pro, the event organizers have decided to wait for better conditions, so no competition will be run today.

KSP One Eye Pro - Wave Riding Image

KSP One Eye Pro | Photo by John Bilderback

“Conditions for the rest of the week look excellent,” says Head Judge Brad Price.

The outlook for epic wave riding conditions couldn’t be better, with both wind and swell expected to build over the next few days. It looks like conditions will peak on Tuesday, with a forecast of 4.5-meter swell, at a period of 15 seconds, along with strong winds.

As the final competitors arrived last night at the Indian Resort & Spa, the 36 competing kitesurfers completed registration at the rider’s meeting, where they met with event staff, the media crew, local organizers and the judging panel. All ISA-accredited (International Surfing Association), the six-person judging panel is comprised of Brad Price (Hawaii), Carla Twelkemeier (Germany), Felix Pivec (Hawaii), Johno Hutchinson (South Africa), Jose Luengo (Spain) and Lex Donse (Holland). Yesterday afternoon, the judges spent a portion of the day judging dummy heats out at One Eye. At the rider’s meeting, the judges fielded questions from competitors, laid out the rules for wave possession and interference, as well as announced a maximum number waves (15) that can be scored per heat.

The local event organizers, Patrick Desvaux Marigny, Matthew Buzza and Benjamin Draper-Bolton, who have done an incredible job of making the One Eye Pro happen, were also introduced.

KSP One Eye Pro - Wave Riding Image

KSP One Eye Pro | Photo by John Bilderback

The official line-up of riders for the One Eye Pro includes: Airton Cozzolino (Cabo Verde), Bruno Bordowsky (Brazil), Etienne Lhote (France), Guilly Brandao (Brazil), Gunnar Biniasch (Germany), Gustavo Foerster (Brazil), Herve Boure (France), James Donaldson (USA), Jeremy Eloy (France), Jesse Richman (Hawaii), John Amundson (Hawaii), Juan Pabloo Diban (Chile), Lee Harvey (United Kingdom), Marc Ramseier (Switzerland), Mauricio Pedreira (Brazil), Max Bonieux (Mauritius), Mitu Monteiro (Cabo Verde), Nans Laviolette (La Reunion), Nuno Figuereido (Portugal), Oswald Schmith (South Africa), Patri McLaughlin (Hawaii), Patrick Desvaux (Mauritius), Sebastien Schmitt (La Reunion) and Sky Solbach (USA). The female roster includes: Elsa Saintville (Mauritius), Erika Lindberg (Sweden), Ines Correira (Portugal), Kelly Wren (USA), Kristin Boese (Germany), Maayke Tadema (Netherlands), Marie Gautron (France), Melissa Gil (USA), Muriel Vandenbempt (France), Ninja Bichler (Germany), Steph Bridge (United Kingdom) and Suzanne Kuiper (Netherlands).

The 2011 One Eye Pro will be broadcast live, and an archive of today’s events is available for immediate viewing. Stay tuned and follow the action via the live webcast and live scoring.

Watch the Live Broadcast

The Mauritius One Eye Pro 2011 is sponsored by Indian Resort, MTPA Mauritius, Air Mauritius, Mauritours, Le Gall, Habit, Club Mistral and Silent Partners. The KSP tour is supported by ION and Vitamizzer.

Competition Results: Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4 | Day 5 | Day 6: Finals

Day 2 (24 September)

KSP One Eye Pro Update 2

With winds in the 10 to 12 knot range, and 3 to 4 meter swells throughout the morning and early afternoon of day two of the KSP One Eye Pro, competitors were on standby, waiting for the wind to pick up a bit more. “The wind hasn’t come up quite enough yet, but this is the best conditions I’ve ever seen,” commented KSP Event Photographer John Bilderback. “It’s retarded.”

As the wind slowly picked up, event organizers ran 30 minute Expression Sessions for the men and women to see if the wind would hold and to set the judging scale for the huge waves, and the side-offshore winds.

KSP One Eye Pro - Wave Riding Image

KSP One Eye Pro | Photo by John Bilderback

The wind remained a bit light at the start of the men’s heat, making it challenging for some of the 24 competitors to ride One Eye top to bottom. Nevertheless, the athletes put on an incredible show, catching waves up to triple overhead. With his fluid, powerful riding, 2008 Kite Surfing World Champion Mitu Monteiro (Cabo Verde) won the Men’s Expression Session with some seriously committed turns and barrels. And Mauritian resident Ninja Bichler (originally from Germany) — who caught some incredible waves and used her local knowledge to ride better than some of the men — won the Women’s Expression Session.

The first two of three heats of the Men’s Round 1, comprised of three competitors per 15-minute heat, were won by strapped riders Max Bonieux (Mauritius) and Mauricio Pedreira (Brazil) respectively. In the most action-packed heat of the three, Pedreira had the highest scoring wave of the day. 2010 Kitesurf World Champion Guilly Brandao, who rode in heat two, pulled into a deep tube on a massive closeout set, resulting in the most spectacular wipe out of the day and a shredded kite. Heat three was the closest heat of the day, and was won by Airton Cozzolino (Cabo Verde).

Here’s the video clip of the day

Check out the pictures of the day: Photos Day 2

Watch the Live Broadcast

Today marked the official start of the One Eye Pro competition and the forecast is looking great for the week ahead.

Competition Results: Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4 | Day 5 | Day 6: Finals

Day 3 (25 September)

KSP One Eye Pro Update 3

With a solid breeze and 4 to 6 feet (Hawaiian), 8- to 12-foot faces, competitors once again had phenomenal waves as round 1 of the men’s division resumed. Judges rated each wave ridden on a scale of .1 to 10 and combined each rider’s two top waves for a total potential score of 20, on up to 15 waves per heat.

KSP One Eye Pro - Wave Riding Image

KSP One Eye Pro | Photo by John Bilderback

Indonesian resident Marc Ramseier (Switzerland) showed a lot of commitment with his powerful, full rail turns in the pulsing surf to score an impressive 9.27 and 8.77 — totaling 18.04. This was the highest score of Round 1. Jesse Richman (Hawaii), Patri McLaughlin (Hawaii/North) and Sky Solbach (USA/North), all riding strapless, scored in the 14- to 16-point range, exhibiting a high degree of speed, power and control with top to bottom surfing. John Amundson (Hawaii/North), Bruno Bordowsky (Brazil) and Oswald Smith (South Africa), riding in straps, also scored in a similar range.

KSP One Eye Pro - Wave Riding Image

KSP One Eye Pro | Photo by John Bilderback

Up next was Round 1 for the Woman. Murdering 12 waves during her 15-minute heat, local wave slayer Ninja Bichler (Germany) scored a remarkable 18.1 for seamlessly linking big arching turns, big hits under the lip, long rides and even some switchstance surfing.

Ines Correira (Portugal) earned the second highest score in the Women’s first round with an impressive total score of 16.06.

Before the day’s end, the Men’s Round 2 kicked off, featuring head-to-head competition between riders who didn’t advance from Round 1. Of the five heats completed (out of 8), Jeremy Eloy (France/North), 2010 Kite Surf World Champion Guilly Brandao (Brazil), Juan Pabloo Diban (Chile), 2008 World Champion Mitu Monteiro (Cabo Verde) and Bruno Bordowsky (Brazil) advanced. Eloy, Monteiro and Brandao, all riding strapped, were the standouts with scores in the 14.2 to 16.3 range. Brandao attacked the lip with his patented backhand snaps while Eloy opted to keep busy, picking off as many set waves as possible. Monteiro found one of the few cover-ups of the day through the inside bowl on his forehand.

Here’s the video clip of the day

Check out the pictures of the day: Photos Day 3

Watch the Live Broadcast

The forecast is looking great for tomorrow and promises another day of good wind and swell (likely a bit smaller than today, but building in the late afternoon).

Competition Results: Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4 | Day 5 | Day 6: Finals

Day 4 (26 September)

KSP One Eye Pro Update 4

Round 2 of the men’s division resumed today in 25 to 30 knot winds and overhead surf. The One Eye Pro has now past the halfway mark, with the completion of the Men’s Round 3 Heat 20 and Women’s Round 3 Heat 10, out of a total of 54 scheduled heats (36 men’s and 18 women’s).

KSP One Eye Pro - Wave Riding Image

KSP One Eye Pro | Photo by John Bilderback

A new highest score for a single wave was set today, when Sky Solbach (USA/North) beat Marc Ramseier’s (Switzerland) 9.27 from Round 1. Exhibiting superb control and flow with his powerful top-to-bottom strapless surfing, Solbach rode 14 waves in his Round 2 heat, earning him a 17.93, the second highest score of the entire men’s event and only the third to surpass a 16-point heat total.

In the closest women’s heat of the day, Kelly Wren (USA) and Elsa Saintville (Mauritius) battled it out in Round 2 with a final score of 12.67 to 14.67 respectively. Suzanne Kuiper (Netherlands) and Marie Gautron (Netherlands) earned the other two highest scores of the day, 12.64 and 14.66, respectively.

KSP One Eye Pro - Wave Riding Image

KSP One Eye Pro | Photo by John Bilderback

In one of the most anticipated heats of the day, pitting two Kite Surfing World Champions against each other in an elimination round, Mitu Monteiro (Cabo Verde) and Guilly Brandao (Brazil) went head to head on 5-meter and 6-meter kites. Pulling off the move of the day, Monteiro executed a committed strapless re-entry and scored a 7 and 7.77 for his best two waves. Brandao, who lost precious time after dropping his kite, fell just 5.1 points short.

With a receding tide and building swell, the Men’s and Women’s Round 3 concluded, bringing the day to a close.

The heat results and upcoming heat order can be viewed at: kspworldtour.com/ladder

Stay tuned for the next live webcast with live scoring.

Here’s the video clip of the day:

Check out the pictures of the day: Photos Day 4

Watch the Live Broadcast

Tomorrow’s forecast looks incredible, calling for yet another massive, long-period swell in the 10- to 15-foot range to coincide with strong southeasterly winds at One Eye.

Competition Results: Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4 | Day 5 | Day 6: Finals

Day 5 (27 September)

KSP One Eye Pro Update 5

Today set the stage for some career-making heats, with strong winds, and the long-anticipated mega swell hitting One Eye today! The Men’s Round 4 resumed, with 10 to 12-foot faces (and the occasional 15-footer) getting the day off to an exhilarating start at the KSP One Eye Pro.

Riding strapless in Heat 23, Jesse Richman (Hawaii) pulled into the sickest and longest barrel of the event so far, but was knocked off his board as he exited the tube. Had he ridden out of it, “I would have given him a 10,” commented KSP Judge Felix Pivec. “He was so close.” Scoring an 8.5 for his best wave, Richman advanced to the Quarter Finals.

KSP One Eye Pro - Wave Riding

KSP One Eye Pro | Photo by John Bilderback

Heat 24 pitted North teammates Patri McLaughlin (Hawaii) and John Amundson (Hawaii) against one another. Demonstrating his progressive, unstrapped surf-influenced style, McLaughlin beat Amundson.

Next, as Women’s Round 4 Heat 11 started, the swell ramped up to 15-foot sets (faces), the biggest of the day so far. Both catching some bombs, Kristin Boese (Germany/Best) rode strapped against the unstrapped Steph Bridge (United Kingdom/North). After Bridge’s kite went down early in the heat, Boese went on to ride a couple monsters, advancing to the Semi Finals.

KSP One Eye Pro - Wave Riding

KSP One Eye Pro | Photo by John Bilderback

Standing out from the rest of the women’s pack, Mauritian local Ninja Bichler (originally from Germany) exhibited stellar flow in Heat 12 as she rode the triple-overhead waves top to bottom. Riding 11 waves, Bichler scored an 8 on a set wave, the second highest women’s score of the day — which she later destroyed.

As the wind ramped up a notch and the swell continued to grow in size, Round 5 saw standout riding from Sky Solbach and Mitu Monteiro with 8 and 8.83 respectively.

Riding rail to rail on macking waves in Round 5, Bridge advanced to the Semi Finals, where she faced One Eye wave slayer Bichler in Heat 16. Tremendously familiar with the break, the unsponsored Wild Card winner Bichler beat out Bridge with some mind-blowing riding. As the surf jacked up to 20-foot faces, and the Coast Guard rescue boat disappeared deep into the trough, Bichler wasn’t the least bit shy of the quadruple overhead monstrosities. Picking off set wave after set wave, she scored a 9.6 on one bomb, securing her a place in tomorrow’s finals against Marie Gautron (France).

KSP One Eye Pro - Wave Riding

KSP One Eye Pro | Photo by John Bilderback

Action-packed, the Men’s Quarter Finals shook the ground of the sport as well. Receiving 10s across the board from the five judges, Airton Cozzolino (Italy/North) scored the first perfect wave of the event with his strapless performance in Heat 30. Smashing set waves with clean, dynamic turns in the most critical sections, Cozzolino nudged out the unstrapped Solbach and fell just half a point short of a perfect heat score of 20.

Then in the last Men’s Quarter Final, Heat 32, Monteiro (Cabo Verde/F-One) with his innovative and smooth style faced McLaughlin’s surf-influenced grace, making for one of the closest matchups of the day. With a heat score of 18.5, Montiero knocked out McLaughlin by 2.5 points.

The heat results and upcoming heat order can be viewed at: kspworldtour.com/ladder

Stay tuned for the next live webcast with live scoring.

Here’s the video clip of the day:

Check out the pictures of the day: Photos Day 5

Watch the Live Broadcast

Conditions permitting, the Men’s Semi Finals (Pedreira v. Cozzolino and Richman v. Monteiro) will be held tomorrow, followed by the Women’s and Men’s Loser’s Finals and Finals.

Competition Results: Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4 | Day 5 | Day 6: Finals

Day 6 (28 September)

KSP One Eye Pro Finals

Kicking off the last six heats of the 2011 KSP One Eye Pro in Le Morne, Mauritius, Airton Cozzolino (Italy/North) faced Mauricio Pedreira (Brazil) in the first of two strapless semifinals. Early in the matchup, the 17-year-old Cozzolino was called on interference, resulting in his second highest wave score to be slashed in half. Nonetheless, his progressive kite surfing advanced him to the finals by a slim margin of .47 points.

KSP One Eye Pro - Wave Riding

KSP One Eye Pro | Photo by John Bilderback

Next up, in the side-offshore winds and overhead surf, Jesse Richman (Hawaii) faced 2008 Kite Surfing World Champion Mitu Monteiro (Cabo Verde/F-One). Displaying an unrivaled degree of flow, diversity and innovative strapless riding, Monteiro’s seemingly effortless style and 19-year background in surfing really shone through. While the 19-year-old Richman put up a good fight, Monteiro bagged a near-perfect score of 19.16 — the second highest of the whole competition (next to Cozzolino’s 19.5 in yesterday’s Quarter Finals). Redefining the standard of top shelf kitesurfing with his highest scoring wave, Monteiro rode super vertically top to bottom — switching stance mid-ride — while staying in the pocket, smashing the pitching lip, tucking in for a barrel, and linking progressive maneuvers together.

KSP One Eye Pro - Mauritius

One Eye in Mauritius | Photo by John Bilderback

The Women’s Finals was next, which saw Steph Bridge (United Kingdom/North) facing Kristin Boese (Germany/Best) in a strapless showdown for third place. By a margin of 3.94 points, Bridge won. Then, with a fairytale ending, women’s kite surfing concluded with the unsponsored KSP Wild Card winner Ninja Bichler (Mauritian local, originally from Germany) taking home the 2011 One Eye Pro title as she faced off with Marie Gautron (France). Reaching the 15-wave limit, the 29-year-old Bichler left no set wave unslayed while scoring a 17.16 in her first ever final.

Bringing a week of spectacular competitive kitesurfing to an end, the all-strapless Men’s Finals began with a matchup of two great kitesurfers: Richman verses Pedreia for third place. With a tuck under the lip, good flow and some great top-to-bottom hacks, Pedreia beat Richman by 2.76 points.

KSP One Eye Pro - Airton Cozzolino

Airton Cozzolino | Photo by John Bilderback

Then in Heat 36, the very last showdown of the event, Cozzolino rode against an injured Monteiro who took to the water wearing a knee brace after buckling his back knee at the end of Heat 34. Nonetheless, the Men’s Finals ended on an exhilarating note — first and second place separated by less than three-quarters of a point. Riding an 8-meter kite, Monteiro demonstrated a wide variety of surf-influenced and innovative moves, lots of switch riding, impeccable wave selection and even a great cover-up. However, Cozzolino won a majority of the judges over with his performance as he rode top to bottom more vertically, with a super-committed and crisp flow, progressive moves (including an aerial re-entry) and his signature move, squaring up off his bottom turns with an unparalleled amount of control and power when setting up for his radical hacks.

Final One Eye Pro Results – Men

  1. Airton Cozzolino (Italy/North)
  2. Mitu Monteiro (Cabo Verde/F-One)
  3. Mauricio Pedreira (Brazil)
  4. Jesse Richman (Hawaii)
KSP One Eye Pro - Winners - Men

Mauricio Pedreira (3) | Airton Cozzolino (1) | Mitu Monteiro (2) | Photo by John Bilderback

Final One Eye Pro Results – Women

  1. Ninja Bichler (Germany)
  2. Marie Gautron (France)
  3. Steph Bridge (United Kingdom/North)
  4. Kristin Boese (Germany/Best)
KSP One Eye Pro - Winners - Women

Marie Gautron (2) | Ninja Bichler (1) | Steph Bridge (3) | Photo by John Bilderback

The complete competition results can be viewed at: kspworldtour.com/ladder

Here’s the video clip of the day:

Check out the pictures of the day: Photos Day 6: Finals

Watch the heat-by-heat video clips.

KSP One Eye Pro Wrap-up: 1 October

The One Eye Pro, first of the three KSP Kite Surfing World Tour stops came to an end today with an absolute show stopper!

First a Local’s Expression Session for the resident riders was held, with KSP competitors and staff cheering on the 17 locals from the judge’s tower during the hour-long heat. Showcasing excellent top-to-bottom riding on the 10- to 15-foot-plus wave faces, Laurent Le Bolloch (MRU/Le Gall/North) took first place.

KSP One Eye Pro - Mauritius

KSP One Eye Pro – Show Stopper Ending

Then, in the final expression session for the pros, a “Super Session”, only reigning Kite Surfing World Champion Guilly Brandao (Brazil) managed to get out to the One Eye break, and scored the entire stage for himself.

Putting on a mind-blowing show, Brandao demonstrated why he is a top contender for the 2011 World Championship Kite Surfing title. When one of the biggest sets of the entire KSP One Eye Pro rolled in, Brandao positioned himself on a 20-plus-foot set wave. As he dropped into the bomb Brandao ditched his kite and surfed the wave all the way through to the channel. Once his kite was retrieved by the Coast Guard, Brandao went on to pull into, hands down, the biggest barrel of the entire tour stop. Needless to say, the uncontested Brazilian won the Super Session!

After a final photo shoot in the massive 15- to 20-foot waves, the prize giving was held, followed by a beachside party.

Check out the event wrap-up video:

Don’t miss the live coverage of the remaining two 2011 KSP World Tour stops: Pasacamayo, Peru and Ponta Preta, Cape Verde — October 19 to 28 and December 2 to 11, respectively.

The KSP Mauritius One Eye Pro 2011 is sponsored by the Indian Resort & Spa, MTPA (Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority), Air Mauritius, Mauritours, Le Gall, Habit, Club Mistral and Silent Partners. The KSP World Tour is supported by ION and Vitamizzer.

inMotion Kitesurfing would like to congratulate the KSP and the One Eye Pro event organizers who worked so hard to make all this happen. We think this opening event was very well executed, and a huge success! We can’t wait to bring you guys daily coverage of the next KSP World Tour stops.

One Eye Pro Live Web Broadcast

Live Broadcast Video

If you are lucky enough to be at One Eye, or if you have been following the action via the live broadcast, we’d love to hear from you in the comments below… What do you think of the event so far and who do you think is going to dominate?


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  1. Dean Bottcher says:

    History is being made here. This event will start a change in the way we ride waves.

    • Dean Bottcher says:

      Damn it I hate this sport. Mitu just convinced me to go strapless. If he can ride like that in those conditions then I must at least try. Good bye straps, I was just starting to like you all.

      • I couldn’t agree with you more Dean. Mitu is a HUGE inspiration!

        I am absolutely blown away by the wave riding conditions at One Eye… Solid wind and waves almost consistently… I think Mauritius just got bumped up to number 1 on my list of places to kite…

        I hope it holds up like this to the end… and we see an awesome showdown at the final…

  2. Congratulations to Airton Cozzolino and Ninja Bichler for their victories at the KSP One Eye Pro yesterday! You guys put on a stellar display of skill and dedication…

    We look forward to seeing you both in action at the next event!

  3. Dean Bottcher says:

    ….and history was made at the first ever KSP event and these sentiments were echoed by all the commentators on the live feed and by the judges. The event was excellently run, judged and put together, considering that there were only thirteen staff and that a lot of the work was done by volunteers. This event truly saw the spirit of surfing finding its way into kite boarding. It is an event to be proud of.

    The live streaming of the event was amazing to be part of and has set the trend for the future. The wave scoring was shown live and as a viewer you knew who had won the heat before the competitors and I think even before the individual judges themselves. Edited video clips don’t even come close to what you see live. Honestly next to none of the good footage is shown in the videos but we hope it does get released later and it will be worth whatever price they are asking.

    But the highlights must be the riders themselves. As pretty as the waves were, it is an intimidating place to ride. Serious live coral reef, strong cross-off wind, big hollow swell far out to sea and the worst a push to have you ride strapless.

    Well done to everyone. Special appreciation must go to the two Cabo Verdian locals who made the mens final. If you know the story of these two guys then you appreciated this even more. In a sense this was the final scene of a “rags to riches” type story. Mitu and Airton, best of friends but more like teacher and apprentice. They first came into the limelight during the exposure of the Cabo Verde point break known as Ponta Preta. Mitu had found a way to make riding this place look supernatural and the kitesurfing world latched onto it. It seemed gimmicke at first like he had just found a technique and was milking it. Kind of like the discovery of a new move in freestyle kiting. Sometime after that a short “documentary” of Mitu was made and for the first time we got to see Mitu riding in cross on-shore conditions and damn he was fine. In this video a youngster featured as part of the story line, non-other than Airton.

    So Mauritius came along and from the start Mitu was set to do well as the break was simply the reverse of Ponta Preta. What was not expected was that Mitu would ride it strapless and on his switched stance. Not only did he ride it so naturally that it was hard to tell if he was goofy or not but he changed stances continually in the critical part of the wave and to add to it was breaking out surface tricks. Airton on the other hand must have been nervous and his slow start in the final maybe showed it. Mitu opens with and 8.17 like he had been out all day and with the knee injury. Airton answers back only on his fourth wave with an 8.93 and after that was unstoppable even though Mitu found two more big scores. It was close but Mitu must have been super proud of Airton.

    Well they never came in after the heat and missed the intended interview just proving that their love and passion for the sport is what has gotten them here.

    The next KSP events will be interesting but these two guys have undeniably set the standard – respect.

    • Wow Dean! This should have been an article on its own… :-)

      Thank you so much for your feedback on the event, great insight into the wave riding aspect of kitesurfing, and the interesting overview on Mitu and Airton’s background. This really is an inspiring story, and one that I am sure many of us will keenly follow going forward.

      Clearly we are entering a new era in kitesurfing. The future for kitesurfing is looking bright, with quality wave riding and events like this taking things to the next level…