Kiteboarding Videos from 2011

A collection of the best kitesurfing videos from 2011. If you are looking for the latest videos, check out our new Video Gallery here.

The Kite Show Episode 5 – A New Year’s Special!

With Episode 5, The Kite Show highlights their top 10 best kitesurfing videos for 2011. Also featured in this episode is Shinn’s Piglet and a roundup of the KSP’s first world wave tour series, while Youri Zoon and Keahi De Aboitiz tell us about their PKRA winning year.

The Kite Show: Episode 5 is sponsored by North Kiteboarding.


Kari Schibevaag in Dakhla!

Check out our 2011 “Most Influential Girl Kitesurfer” Kari Schibevaag riding waves in Dakhla, Morocco, and doing us proud!


Dynamics – Aaron Hadlow and Sam Light!

An insanely creative video filmed and edited by Andi Jansen, featuring Sam Light and Aaron Hadlow kiting at Ayvalik, and Wakeboarding at Hypnotics cable in Turkey. You have to watch this video!


Antandroy: People from the Thorns!

The new F-One movie shot on RED in Magadascar last summer. Antandroy is the combination of kitesurfing, surfing, SUP in one of the most remote spots you can imagine.


Kite Junkies: Maui Mini Movie Kite Comedy!

Maui Mini Movie Presents: Kite Junkies. First ever kite comedy featuring some of Maui’s best riders and most interesting characters. All- star riders Shawn Richman and Ryan Toaspern lead the way. Introducing Nathan Morrissey as Mr. Lee a true kite junky.


‎4 Seasons Cap – Great Wave Riding Video and Sound Track!


Red Bull Battle of Trafalgar: Next level of kiteboarding

Check out all the action with these video highlights from the first Red Bull Batalla de Trafalgar or Battle of Trafalgar which took place this weekend in Caños de Meca, Spain. With temperatures up to 30 degrees Celsius and winds up to 20 knots, conditions were perfect for an awesome showdown to close the season!


The Dune Discovery | paragliding where no one has before

The Best Odyssey Expedition discovers an epic paragliding spot in the Bazaruto Archipelago off the coast of Mozambique. Don’t miss this awesome video as they soar one of the most beautiful dune sites on the planet, then sail round the Cape of Good Hope and 4500 miles to Cape Verde in search of wind and waves with special guests Ben Wilson and Kristin Boese.


Mitu & Matchu Wave Riding at Cape Verde – Be my guest EPISODE 04

Björn meets Mitu and Matchu at the amazing Cabo Verdian spots for a kitesurf and strapless session in this lastest episode of Be My Guest!



Jo Wilson and Jalou Langeree fly to Cape Town, the windy city of South Africa to enjoy epic waves and awesome freestyle kitesurfing conditions.



Naish Kiteboarding TV takes you into the life of 18-year old waterman, Kai Lenny, the first SUP World Champion and three-sport Naish Team Rider. SUPing, windsurfing, surfing or kiting…he just has to pick one and he shreds it.


TDZ Crew: Insane Wave Riding with Kites!

The TDZ crew keep on pushing the limits in the surf with a kite.
Riders: Patrick Rebstock and Ian Alldredge


This is Kiteboarding!


Our Boy Twiggy Tearing it Up!

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