Kiteboarding Videos from 2012

A collection of the best kitesurfing videos from 2012. If you are looking for the latest videos, check out our new Video Gallery here.

The Kite Show Episode 8: Christmas Special

Lewis Crathern joins Jim to guest host the Christmas special episode of the kite show, featuring their favourite videos released in 2012, a round-up the 2012 world tours and words from the World Champions, and some of the hottest action clips of the year that were submitted by kitesurfing’s best riders!


Video: KSP 2012 Season WrapUp

Highlights and wrap-up video from the 2012 KSP World Pro Tour season. We’ve got the final results, daily updates, best images and videos all in one place here!


The Cabrinha Quest: Canary Islands

An expedition to seek out the world’s most remote and dynamic kitesurfing and surfing locations on a 60ft sailing catamaran. A quest to experience native cultures in their natural state, and consciously explore the Oceans of the world with passion, integrity, and sensitivity. To build awareness, global concern, and inspire solutions to the environmental crisis. The Cabrinha Quest is a five year expedition that began September, 2012.


Hannah Whiteley Knows No Pain!

Professional kitesurfer and winner of our 2012 Most Influential Girl Kitesurfer, Hannah Whiteley, riding and training in Turkey, September 2012.


HIDDEN LINES – Chapter I – Chile

Youri Zoon, Kevin Langeree and Nick Jacobsen set out to travel the destinations on their bucket list. First up is Chile, where they discover a mountain lake called Puclaro and score a wave session at Matanzas. Along the way we get to know the different characters and their intertwined history. But most of all, this is where a road trip full of fun starts.


Video: Dropping Tom

Thomas Sharp, is one of the most laid-back, humble, and fun-to-watch strapless kiters at C Street over the past few years, which is saying a lot considering it’s also the stomping ground of Ian Alldredge (TDZ) and gets frequent drive-bys from Bear Karry and Patrick Rebstock (LivingTheDream).


Tom Court hits Mauritius 2012

With rain pouring down the windows at his home in the UK, Tom Court decided to get off the couch, put down the PS3 controller and book a ticket out to Mauritius. Having seen so much from the KSP out there, he wanted to see what it’s like for some all round Free Riding… Whether it’s for flat water or waves, this spot is epic. On the Le Morne peninsula on the south west tip of the island. One Eye is the spot to ride! Another RipSlix production…



You’ll enjoy this video with Flysurfer teamriders Yusca Balogh, Eddy Lansink and Dylan van der Meij having fun and boosting BIG with the new Speed4 in South Africa.


The Kite Show Episode 7

Another action packed episode of the Kite Show including an interview with Luke McGillewie who surprised many with his fourth place at the recent KSP event in Mauritius, a round up of the nail biting PKRA and KSP seasons so far, an interview with Kristin Boese about kitesurfers v windsurfers in the race for places in the 2016 Olympics, Richard Branson’s channel crossing, strapless air special feature with KSP One Eye Pro winner Patri McLaughlin, Keahi de Aboitiz, Patrick Rebstock, Niccolo Porcella and Bear Karry, part two of Sam Light’s back mobe instructional series, and much more…


TDZ VOL. 2: Mex, Baja

Another awesome TDZ video featuring kitesurfers Ian Alldredge and Bear Karry wave riding in Mex, Baja.


“Dirty Panda” by Tom Court

Tom Court brings us this short kiteboarding action cut from Fuerteventura summer time cruising. Whilst everyone was down in the south of the island for the PKRA world cup, he made the most of the empty lagoons to ride and film with We have come to expect that when Tom puts out a video, it’s going to be great! And this one’s no different…check out the "Dirty Panda". A car that’s seen it all….


The Revolution – Full Movie Part 1

In 2011, a bunch of incredibly motivated kitesurfers travelled the world in search of perfect kiteboarding locations. Along the way, they learned a few valuable lessons! This is their story… this is how they became “Children of Revolution”…

The Revolution – Full Movie Part 2


Wind Surfing – TDZ

The TDZ crew are at it again, this time in wsw Iceland, delivering another epic video, displaying the best of strapless kitesurfing! Take it away boyz…


The Kite Show – Episode 6

Another epic Kite Show video, episode 6 brings you all the latest news from the kitesurfing world, including Aaron Hadlow after the worst injury of his career, Best designers Peter Stiewe and Jordi Modolell in Cape Town, Andre Phillip and the success of his online movie Island Time, Sam Light with his back mobe instructional series beginning with the back roll and back-to-toe, Ruben Lenten with highlights from the Len10 Mega Loop Challenge in Cape Town, and much more…


The Free Ride Project feat: UKcrew (OFFICIAL MOVIE)

The “FreeRide” Project is an idea involving four kiteboarders (the UKcrew), Tom Court, Aaron Hadlow, Sam Light and James Boulding, from different kite brands, travelling together and filming how they think kiteboarding should look and be represented… This epic video goes to Australia, DR, Hood River, Fuerteventura and the Philippines, with awesome kiteboarding and wakeboarding action at each spot.


St. Barths: Kitesurfing Video

An epic kitesurfing video filmed in Grand Cul de Sac on the island of St Barths, featuring Enguerrand Espinassou from the St Barth Kitesurf School.


Colonel Caveman and the Flying Dutchman

The “Operation Flying Dutchman” is the perfect action-packed short movie promoting Kitesurfing in Cape Town, South Africa. More about this movie here


Hannah Whiteley Brazilian Nut Case

An awesome video showcasing professional kiteboarder Hannah Whiteley ripping it up at Pro Kite Brasil – Uruaú – Ceará in December 2011.


Offshore Odyssey Video: Magic Lands

Gavin McClurg and Jody MacDonald take us on another epic journey through some of the most beautiful places on earth with the Offshore Odyssey, formerly known as the Best Odyssey. Filmed on location in the Cape Verdes, Azores, and the Outer Hebrides in Northern Scotland, the Best Odyssey team take to the air and to the seas, and explore some of the most remote places on earth in this paragliding, kitesurfing and sailing epic.


Jeremie Eloy: 2011 was…

This video was shot throughout 2011 and features Jeremie Eloy in Peru, Hawaii, Indonesia, Tahiti, Mauritius, Paris, New York, Brittany, la Rosière, la Grave, Cabo verde.


The Kite Show Episode 5 – A New Year’s Special!

With Episode 5, The Kite Show highlights their top 10 best kitesurfing videos for 2011. Also featured in this episode is Shinn’s Piglet and a roundup of the KSP’s first world wave tour series, while Youri Zoon and Keahi De Aboitiz tell us about their PKRA winning year.

The Kite Show: Episode 5 is sponsored by North Kiteboarding.


Kari Schibevaag in Dakhla!

Check out our 2011 “Most Influential Girl Kitesurfer” Kari Schibevaag riding waves in Dakhla, Morocco, and doing us proud!


Dynamics – Aaron Hadlow and Sam Light!

An insanely creative video filmed and edited by Andi Jansen, featuring Sam Light and Aaron Hadlow kiting at Ayvalik, and Wakeboarding at Hypnotics cable in Turkey. You have to watch this video!


Antandroy: People from the Thorns!

The new F-One movie shot on RED in Magadascar last summer. Antandroy is the combination of kitesurfing, surfing, SUP in one of the most remote spots you can imagine.


Kite Junkies: Maui Mini Movie Kite Comedy!

Maui Mini Movie Presents: Kite Junkies. First ever kite comedy featuring some of Maui’s best riders and most interesting characters. All- star riders Shawn Richman and Ryan Toaspern lead the way. Introducing Nathan Morrissey as Mr. Lee a true kite junky.


‎4 Seasons Cap – Great Wave Riding Video and Sound Track!


Red Bull Battle of Trafalgar: Next level of kiteboarding

Check out all the action with these video highlights from the first Red Bull Batalla de Trafalgar or Battle of Trafalgar which took place this weekend in Caños de Meca, Spain. With temperatures up to 30 degrees Celsius and winds up to 20 knots, conditions were perfect for an awesome showdown to close the season!


The Dune Discovery | paragliding where no one has before

The Best Odyssey Expedition discovers an epic paragliding spot in the Bazaruto Archipelago off the coast of Mozambique. Don’t miss this awesome video as they soar one of the most beautiful dune sites on the planet, then sail round the Cape of Good Hope and 4500 miles to Cape Verde in search of wind and waves with special guests Ben Wilson and Kristin Boese.


Mitu & Matchu Wave Riding at Cape Verde – Be my guest EPISODE 04

Björn meets Mitu and Matchu at the amazing Cabo Verdian spots for a kitesurf and strapless session in this lastest episode of Be My Guest!



Jo Wilson and Jalou Langeree fly to Cape Town, the windy city of South Africa to enjoy epic waves and awesome freestyle kitesurfing conditions.



Naish Kiteboarding TV takes you into the life of 18-year old waterman, Kai Lenny, the first SUP World Champion and three-sport Naish Team Rider. SUPing, windsurfing, surfing or kiting…he just has to pick one and he shreds it.


TDZ Crew: Insane Wave Riding with Kites!

The TDZ crew keep on pushing the limits in the surf with a kite.
Riders: Patrick Rebstock and Ian Alldredge


This is Kiteboarding!


Our Boy Twiggy Tearing it Up!


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