LEN10 Megaloop Challenge: Extreme Kiteboarding Event

In case you haven’t heard yet, extreme pro kiteboarder, Ruben Lenten (NED) is throwing what is set to be the most insane kiteboarding competition of the year!

Ruben Lenten - KiteLoop - Cape Town

The LEN10 Megaloop Challenge!

Every summer Ruben Lenten, King of the Megaloop, heads down to Cape Town, South Africa to enjoy the warm sunny weather and awesome wind conditions Cape Town is so famous for.

This year Ruben and his mate Aaron Hadlow, are challenging 24 amateur kiteboarders to compete in the LEN10 Megaloop Challenge in Big Bay, Bloubergstrand.

Final Competition Results

Ruben Lenten - Table Mountain, Cape Town

Ruben Lenten and Table Mountain in Cape Town

Big Air Big Score

“A megaloop is when you go full circle with the kite – right through the power zone. As judges, Aaron and I will be looking at the style, height, length, enthusiasm and speed each kiteboarder executes their Megaloop with”, says Ruben. In true kiteboarding tradition the best wipe-out will also be rewarded.

Since the competition requires wind speeds upwards of 30 knots, a window period from the 16th to the 26th of February 2012 has been secured to ensure optimal wind conditions.

The winner on the day will take home R10 000 and a photo shoot with renowned action sports photographer Craig Kolesky.

Ruben Lenten - KiteLoop - Blouberg, Cape Town

Ruben Lenten – Blouberg, Cape Town

How to Enter

There are two ways to get yourself into the running for this Mega Challenge.

  • Submit a video of your gnarliest kiteloop to Ruben’s facebook page
  • Register for the trials event which will take place on the 11th or 12th of February 2012 (depending on the wind) at Blouberg Beach, by submitting your details here

Ruben Lenten’s Rundown of the Challenge

If you think you have what it takes, and you want in on the action, head over to www.redbull.co.za for more information.

Follow the LEN10 Megaloop Challenge on: Twitter: @RedBullZA (#LEN10Megaloop)

Aaron Hadlow - Kiteloop

Aaron Hadlow – Last Loop for the Day!

About Ruben Lenten

Ruben Lenten (NED) was just twelve years old when he took up the sport of Kiteboarding. With no kiting schools around in the early days of the sport, Ruben had to learn the hard way – taking four long months of crashing and swimming back to shore to get up (and stay up on the board). Once he got the hang of it he knew that this would be a way to express himself and started riding as much as he could.

Ruben Lenten Looking Stoked

Ruben Lenten Looking Stoked

Soon, at the age of 14, a coach (Former Dutch National champion, Steph de Jong) and a sponsor recognised Ruben’s talent. This gave him the opportunity to start travelling and developing skills faster. Within three years he competed on the highest level and was the Number 2 Kiteboarder in the world – second only to one of his now best friends, Aaron Hadlow.

In 2005, Ruben took top honours in Red Bull King of the Air in Maui, Hawaii where he competed in the big air format against his legendary watersports athlete Robbie Naish, and defeating Robbie right on his home turf.

Right before the start of the 2006 World Tour, Ruben had a serious crash leaving him injured and unable to compete in the first few events of the tour. With him unable to score points to keep his ranking, he decided not to compete but rather focus on freeriding and finding new challenges.

Since then his focus has remained on, as he puts it, “doing some pretty gnarly tricks with my kite”. He’s all about big air and loves riding in the strongest winds. “I’m pretty stoked to have kiteboarding as my job. The ocean is my playground, what more could I ask for?”

Ruben Lenten - Cape Town

Ruben Lenten – Blouberg, Cape Town

Ruben is dedicated to pushing the sport and developing kiteboarding gear as much as possible, all while doing some pretty extreme stuff on his kiteboard.

Follow Ruben Lenten on Facebook and Twitter.

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