Kitesurfing: Taking Surfing to New Heights

Kitesurfing - Wave Riding - Rob Chrystal

We are pleased to present you with this awesome article written by Rob Chrystal, highlighting the advantages of the wave riding side of kiting - kitesurfing.For those of you who don’t know Rob, he is the owner of a well known kitesurfing shop in Durban, South Africa, called Ocean2air. Rob has been flying kites for around … [Read more...]

Robben Island Freedom Kitesurfing Mission

Robben Island

We recently discovered this epic video of a kitesurfing expedition to Robben Island by 4 adventurous South African kitesurfers.The video gives us a unique perspective of the journey to the place Nelson Mandela once called home and which now stands as a testament to times gone by.Here is a brief account of the action … [Read more...]

Kitesurfing Love Affair with Jessica Winkler

Jessica Winkler - Kite Beach

We recently caught up with sponsored kitesurfer and extreme sport entrepreneur, Jessica Winkler.Jessica is an accomplished kitesurfing instructor and is best known for pioneering a kitesurfing business on her own in a third world country.We asked her to share with us her take on kitesurfing and the vital role the … [Read more...]

Sliders: The Slippery Slide of Things

Kitesurfing Slider

Not too long ago we put together a portable slider at our local kitesurfing spot and hey did it cause a buzz.  For some reason, be it a childhood fantasy or an adult madness, there seems to be this deep hidden craziness in many of us to want to slide up, down or on things and the evidence is in seeing it like we did.  Once you … [Read more...]