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Red Bull King of the Air 2014 Window Period Opens Tomorrow

Oswald Smith Kiteboarding

The window period for the Red Bull King of the Air 2014 competition in Cape Town, South Africa, opens tomorrow, 25 January. There is a strong South African contingent in the 24 competitor line-up. Jandre Fraser, Luke McGillewie, Andries Fourie, Stuart Downey, Graham Howes and current South African Open Champion, Oswald Smith … [Read more...]

KSP Cabrinha Kite Surf Pro Hawaii 2013 Results

Cabrinha Kite Surf Pro Hawaii 2013

The world’s top pro kitesurfers have arrived on the Island of Maui in Hawaii for the 2013 KSP World Championship, the Cabrinha Kite Surf Pro. The Cabrinha Kitesurf Pro kicked off on 22 November and will run through to 1 December at Ho’okipa Beach in Maui, and promises to deliver world class action at one of kitesurfing’s premier … [Read more...]

Red Bull King of the Air is Coming Back to Cape Town in 2014

Red Bull King of the Air Champion Jesse Richman

The event that reignited the kiteboarding community’s imagination in 2013, Red Bull King of the Air, will be back in Cape Town, South Africa in 2014!Off the back of a successful event in early 2013, the world’s best kiters will again descend on Cape Town’s Big Bay to compete in their big air competition and will have to … [Read more...]

Save the KSP Kite Surf Pro Tour

KSP World Pro Tour

Since its inception 3 years ago, inMotion Kitesurfing has been a huge fan and avid supporter of the KSP World Pro Tour.The inaugural wave riding event at One Eye, Mauritius in 2011 simply blew our minds, and had us and many of our readers glued to our computer screens watching the live broadcasts! We could barely contain … [Read more...]

The History of Kiteboarding & Launch of a New Sport

Kiteboarding by Neil Egerton Photography

I’m sure we can all agree that kiteboarding has to be one of the most dynamic and exhilarating sports on the planet. In fact, even people who have never had the pleasure of kiteboarding themselves, are drawn to the sport and fascinated by the speed, insanely high jumps, dizzying combinations of tricks, or the purity of riding … [Read more...]

Mauritius East Coast Kite Spot Guide

Mauritius East Coast

When kitesurfers think of Mauritius as a kitesurfing destination, their attention is usually focused on Le Morne, which has gained worldwide recognition as a hot wave riding spot thanks largely to the KSP World Pro Kite Surfing Tour. However, what few kiters realise is that there are also great spots (mainly for lagoon riding) … [Read more...]

The Complete Kiteboarding Training Guide

Kiteboarding Training Guide

A while back we published an article demonstrating an exercise routine to help you improve your handle passes. Well, our kitesurf training expert, Lars Jørgensen ( is back again, this time with something even bigger and better!Lars has put together The Complete Kiteboarding Training Guide, and … [Read more...]

Praia do Preá, Brazil: Kitesurfers Playground

Praia do Preá Kitesurfing

Seven months of perfect winds in the year and a paradisaical beach waiting to be discovered... surrounded by mangroves, lagoons and dunes... the ultimate playground for kitesurfers. Point of arrival for a downwind tour almost 300km along the coast of Ceará, Brazil, Praia do Preá is considered one of the best spots for … [Read more...]

The Red Bull King of the Air 2013 Sees the World’s Top Kiteboarders in Cape Town

Ruben Lenten

Sixteen of the world’s best kiteboarders and eight wildcards have been selected to compete in the highly anticipated Red Bull King of the Air 2013. The announcement of the return of the competition has seen kiteboarders around the world doing everything they can to get their hands on an entry.After an eight year hiatus … [Read more...]

Red Bull King of the Air in Cape Town

Susi Mai Red Bull King of the Air

Eight years after the last King of the Air was held in Maui’s magic waters, the contest is back to push kiteboarding to its limits and, for the first time, comes to the southern-most tip of Africa.CAPE TOWN (South Africa) - The new concept, a big air format, proposes a “mega airtime” contest with radically high jumps, … [Read more...]

KSP Ho’okipa Kite Surf Pro Hawaii 2012 Results

KSP Ho'okipa Kite Surf Pro

The world’s top pro kitesurfers have arrived on the Island of Maui in Hawaii for the Ho’okipa Kite Surf Pro, the 4th and final World Tour stop of the 2012 KSP season. The Ho’okipa Kitesurf Pro runs from 29 Nov – 8 Dec at Ho’okipa Beach in Maui, HI, marking the first ever kite surf world tour event on US soil, and promises to … [Read more...]