Kitesurfing Training: Rotate Faster, Pop Higher, Pass Faster… Get FIT!

“I want to have fun, I want to have more fun!” Hey, that’s why we’re Kitesurfing – FUN!

Kitesurfing Training - Surf Board

Here’s the big home truth! To keep progressing with kiteboarding – you’re going to have to put in some fitness training.

The beauty is – training should make you feel amazing. If it doesn’t then it’s wrong. This doesn’t mean it’s lazy, soft or easy – NO – you just have to be exercising at “Benefit Intensity”, but more about that in coming articles…

So you’re going to Get FIT – Functional Intelligent Training!


Pineapple FIT in the Media

Nick Morris in the Media

My name is Nick Morris – many people call me the ‘Function Junction’ – as they profess I’m the King of Functional Fitness. I’ve trained Olympic athletes, World Champions and ‘superstars’ of Hollywood and been featured in loads of TV shows, magazines and newspaper articles – but more important than all of that – I’m an Action Sports fan just like you – my happiest time in life is in the surf or in the pow (snow for those who don’t snowboard or ski… :)).

Nick Morris Ski Jump

Nick Morris

I want to share my knowledge and experience with you, and want to hear your experiences and questions so together we can all progress and have even more fun doing what we love doing.

Kitesurf Training – The Next Level

My system of fitness is called “FITFunctional Intelligent Training. My mission is to get you FIT to “Be Juiced”! There’s too much fun out there to waste any training time, and life is too important not to get amazing results from your training.

Functional Intelligent Training – is all about the ultimate training efficiency and effectiveness. Hey – we all want to be active having fun, not training – but getting FIT is what’s going to drive

Kitesurfing Training - Cell Action

Cell Action

your kitesurfing progression and get you “Juiced”!

The most important thing to understand is what we are really made up of… simply trillions of cells all combined and connected together. Here’s a flash way to say it: We’re CONCATENATED (a series of interconnected things).

So principle one: Train with respect to your combined and connected systems. ie. Train as a WHOLE!

It all starts from your CORE

  • Your CORE muscles
  • Your CORE mindset
  • Your CORE nutrition
  • Your CORE recovery
Kitesurfing Training Body Core

Core Training


Remember your CORE is not just your midsection muscles. It’s also your Nervous System and Mindset.

In coming articles I will delve deeper into the four primary CORE principles and how you can include these in your workout to help take your kitesurfing to the next level, so stay tuned for more!

Get FIT & Be Juiced!


Written by

Nick Morris

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