The Grenadines Kite Spot Guide: An Untouched Bliss

The luscious Grenadines offer you a succession of uncrowded kitesurfing spots only a few miles away from each other.

Grenadines Kitesurfing

A multi-spot holiday offering pristine crystalline waters, lagoons and bays…

Kiteboarders can ride a different spot everyday!

Intermediate and advanced kitesurfers have the perfect playground to choose from in the Grenadines: flat protected waters, reef waves and downwinds that are etched into your memory forever. Gliding over turtles and manta rays in these waters is surely in the cards!

The Grenadines

The archipelago of the Grenadines is located in the south of the Caribbean, in the southern portion of the Windward Islands.

Grenadines air shot Tobago Cays

Within the 150 sq mile territory, the main island is St Vincent. In the lower 2/3 you’ll find the Grenadines, the smaller chain of islands stretching south from St Vincent to Grenada.

The Grenadines are comprised of over 32 islands and cays, 9 of which are inhabited. All are volcanic in origin, deeply embayed with inlets where clear aquamarine waters shallow up the finest sandy beaches.

Kitesurfing Tobago Cays

Tobago Cays

Kitesurfing in the Grenadines

The trade winds blow from December/January to June, stronger winds generally between January and March. In the beginning of the season the wind direction is NE passing gradually to E as the season progresses.

Generally, the wind is stronger in the morning but it’s not unusual to have some weeks when it blows more then 25 knots, day and night.

The temperature is almost always about 30c, with a water temp that stays around 28c…making it a wetsuit free spot all year.

Grenadines Wind Guru Stats

Kitesurfing Spots

We’ve included a summary of the best kitesurfing spots below. For more detailed information on the various Islands, please visit the Caribbean Kite Cruise’s excellent guide on Kiteboarding in the Grenadines.

Union Island

Union island´s mountainous outline greets visitors with a striking and picturesque array of green peaks and ridges. Clifton is a nice kite spot to stretch your legs on the day of arrival. It will delight you with turquoise shallow waters, protected by reef. Frigate Bay is just around the corner, an amazing flat water spot that works with easterly winds.

Kitesurfing Happy Island – Union Island

Happy Island – Union Island

The Tobago Cays

Known as the jewel of the Caribbean, this National park is a group of small, deserted islands surrounded by a lively horseshoe reef. This is the place to swim with the turtles and enjoy a great snorkeling session, checking out the magically diverse ecosystem under the water…all this after a good kite session of course!

I dare you to see the 225 different fish species in these waters!

The only island you are authorized to launch or land your kite is Jamesby. You need to go upwind of Baradel to find some fun waves to play with. You can also cruise to Petit Tabac to check out the reefs for a more serious surf session. If the wind is light, the dinghy will take you upwind with your launched kite from Baradel Beach…or you can always launch your kite from the boat that you came with!

Kitesurfing Grenadines Jamesby Island

Jamesby Island

Petit Tabac

Petit Tabac is a small deserted island where the Pirates of the Caribbean was filmed. It´s a beautiful day-anchorage for an epic kiteboarding session. From here you can reach very good reefs, and if the conditions are right you will explore some fine waves.

Kitesurfing Grenadines Petit Tabac

Petit Tabac


The smooth Salt Whistle Bay is the place to anchor. Just a few meters away from the boat on the windward side is the best all-around kitesurf spot in the Grenadines.

It’s perfect for the intermediate kiter with side-on wind, reef and a sandy beach that allows kiters to play. If the anchorage is fairly empty, you can also go for an excellent flat water session in the bay.

If you still have some power in your legs, walk to the top of this one road island to see a stunning view (especially at sunset) of the neighboring islands. A jaunt over to Dennis´s Hideaway for a nice meal and a Pina Colada is always a good day’s end.

Kitesurfing Grenadines Salt Whistle Bay

Salt Whistle Bay Anchorage


This tiny, desolate white sandy-beached island is a great resting spot during a session. Drop your kite and just enjoy the view of all that surrounds you. Remember to bring your ice chest ashore with a few chilled beers!

From Mopion you can go up to discover waves on the north side of Petit St. Vincent. PSV is a private island, allowing you to come ashore for a nature walk and their jazzy beach bar.

Kitesurfing Grenadines Mopion

Relaxing between sessions at Mopion


By Boat

Taking a kitesurfing trip in the Grenadines on a charter catamaran is the very best way to get around to all the kite spots. Fully enjoying all the different islands and making the most of your time is the ultimate…not to mention waking up in a new spot to launch your kite all through the week!

Kitesurfing Cruise in the Grenadines

Captain Rik is the owner and captain of Caribbean Kite Cruise, the largest and most reputable kite cruise operator in the Caribbean. They have 3 sailing catamarans that take up to 8 kitesurfers on 7 – 10-day kitesurfing cruises. They are based in the Grenadines and will find the very best options for your riding style.

All Caribbean Kite Cruise itineraries are flexible and adapt to your kiting preferences, according to weather.

Caribbean kite cruise is a floating hotel on the water! With its green-eco approach, layered with solar panels and water maker, you can avoid civilization, making the most of your day and totally enhancing your kiteboarding experience.

The local boat boys will bring fresh fish, homemade banana bread, croissants and extra ice to the yacht on a regular basis. After your epic sunset kite session, pop down a killer homemade rum punch as you check out your kiting pics & videos from the day.

Grenadines Kiteboarding Cruise

Caribbean Kite Cruise is also in partnership with one of the world’s leading kite brands, DUOTONE KITEBOARDING. There is a wide selection of the latest kite gear to try out. If you want to travel light, they also offer complete gear rental packages for the duration of your trip at affordable rates.

To enjoy a true kiteboarding expedition with Caribbean Kite Cruise, visit their website at:

By Hotel

Union island is the place to stay if you want to be land based. You will find two main hotels, Bougainvilla and Anchorage. There are also a few small guesthouses in Clifton.

The JT Pro center owned by pro-rider Jeremie Tronet takes care of Anchorage reservations. He offers beach houses at the kite spot and can organize boat excursions as well.

His website has plenty of useful information about the Grenadines…offering package kite lessons for beginners, advanced training and kite clinics.

Jeremie Tronet´s Awesome Video


In Union you can find international and local cuisine. For an amazing pizza, check out Marie at Ciao pizza. For a very well priced delicious lobster, sautéed conch, and local Caribbean dishes visit Big Citi just in front of the colourful fruit market. Captain Gourmet offers café style dining and great espresso for breakfast and lunch.

In the Tobago Cays, the local boat boys will arrange a beach bbq for you with the fresh catch and ice cold drinks.

More options are available… these are just the favorites!


Happy Island will serve you up a fresh made rum punch with reggae tunes flowing at sunset. This tiny island made from conch shells is a must see.

I.E.´s new bar, D´Spot is a fun hangout to watch all the small planes land just in front of your bottle of local beer.

Twilight, just down the street from Anchorage pumps the music at night giving you a chance to groove.

The JT Pro Center organizes a full moon kiting party every month that is a must if you plan your trip when the moon shines bright.

How to Get There

There are several low cost options flying into UNION. Fly in from the U.S., Canada or Europe with a stopover in Barbados, Grenada or St. Lucia. The best stopover option is Barbados.

Fly from the U.S. to BARBADOS via Jet Blue, American Airlines, Air Jamaica, Delta or US Airways. Fly EUROPE to BARBADOS via British Airways or Virgin Atlantic from the United Kingdom; Condor out of Germany.

Short Flights to Union Island

SVG Air: toll free (800) 624 1843, (315) 507 8258, (784) 457 5124 or –

Barbados to Union daily flights departing at 12:30pm and 4:30pm; returning 11:00am and 1:55pm.

Check more connection flights at:

Kitesurfing Grenadines - Union Anchorage

Travel Tips

  • Bring your reef shoes and an extra set of your favorite board fins
  • $1 U.S. = $2.67 E.C. (Eastern Caribbean dollar-fixed exchange rate)
  • 1€ = $3.70 E.C.

Come enjoy the Caribbean Lifestyle !!!

If you’ve been fortunate enough to kitesurf in the Grenadines, we’d love to hear all about it, and if you have any questions, ask away in the comments below.

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Yann Campinos

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  1. In Dominican Republic we have some good places too! Buen Hombre in Monte Cristi, have beautiful flat water beach. They have a little kite school running there, perfect place to practice Kitesurfing, not much people know of this place, is still a hidden paradise :) Google for Buen Hombre or take a look at their website:

  2. What’s the likelihood that my kiteboard bag doesn’t get to Union Island from Barbados. I’m hearing stories that the airline can’t handle kite bags.