Cannon Rocks Kiteboarding Classic 2012 Results

I couldn’t think of a better way to kick start the year than with the Cannon Rocks Kiteboarding Classic 2012. 

Cannon Rocks Kiteboarding Classic 2012

Kitesurfers and fans of the sport came from all over South Africa and other parts of the world to enjoy the event, which took place on the 5th-8th January.

As a local I knew the wind was guaranteed to blow – whether east or west, strong or not – I knew my local spot would deliver as always and that much kiting fun would be had. Unfortunately the only wind we got in those first three days was a breeze just strong enough to tease us and keep us waiting at the beach. Despite the lack of wind, both the kiters and spectators were entertained by the festive music – including live performances, fun beach games and competitions with exciting prizes and trying out the many demo land kites. The surprisingly warm ocean allowed for hours of swimming, surfing, kayaking and stand-up-paddle boarding. And when we had had too much of the sun, we chilled under the gazebos or in the hammock. Everyone also remained hydrated with free Red Bull and Vitamin Water. This absolute beach enjoyment lasted well into our sunset beach braais (barbeques) and newfound friendships.

Cannon Rocks Kiteboarding Classic 2012 - Waiting for Wind

Waiting for Wind...

Flapping flags filled the beach on the last day as the wind filtered through – as if the sponsors were rejoicing at the sight of the wind arriving just in time! Soon the crowd livened up and the photographers lined the beach in anticipation. As the coveted east wind started, two slalom downwind races were held as we waited for the wind to become strong enough to compete. Course racing was then held, followed by waveriding and pro men’s freestyle. The day then ended with a novice expression session. Besides the great cash and gear prizes for the podium positions, no competitor went home empty handed as there was a lucky draw – allowing every entrant to receive a prize from the extensive list of sponsors.

Cannon Rocks Kiteboarding Classic 2012 - Spectators

Cannon Rocks Kiteboarding Classic 2012

Competition Results

Men’s Course Racing

  1. Kurt Schmelzer
  2. Hudson Cumings
  3. Brad Gilmour

Women’s race

  1. Michelle Sky Smith
  2. Jackie Gilmour
  3. Natasha Haller


  1. Anthony Berzack
  2. Hudson Cumings
  3. Michelle Sky Smith

Pro Men’s Freestyle

  1. Kurt Schmelzer
  2. Bruce Hough
  3. Brad Gilmour


  1. Dale Mcain
  2. Natasha Haller
  3. Manuele Zanuta
Cannon Rocks Kiteboarding Classic 2012 - Beach Image

Cannon Rocks Kiteboarding Classic 2012

Thanks to Cedric Vandenschrik and the rest of the organizers for another amazing event! Join us at the next event to take place possibly at the end of September – watch this space!

Written by

Michelle Smith

PS: If you were at the 2012 Cannon Rocks Kiteboarding Classic, let us know in the comments below what you thought of the event, and how things went for you.

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