World Record Kite Jump from 909m Cliff

Tags : Marek “Murphy” Zach, World Record Jump, Gokova, Turkey

World Record Jump with a Kite from 909m Cliff

Marek “Murphy” Zach is taking extreme to a whole new level! As a pro kiter and seasoned snowkiter, upon arriving in Gokova, Turkey, he immediately started scouting the cliffs for his next extreme kite jump with an inflatable 14m kite.

After thorough preparation and consulting with local paragliders in the area, he took off with his 14m Ozone C4 in around 8-10 knots of wind.

The entire flight went smoothly and lasted for around 9 minutes. According to his kitetracker, the total decent was 909 meters.

World Record Kite Jump from 909m Cliff

Extreme enough? Hell yeah!

Nice one Murphy…

PS: Don’t try this at home!

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