The FreeRide Project 2: A Proper Kite Movie

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The FreeRide Project 2: A Proper Kiteboarding Movie

The UKcrew are back with the second edition of their “FreeRide” Project! The “FreeRide” Project started in 2011 with four riders from different brands traveling together and filming how they wanted our sport to be represented…

“This is a no-mess, un-brand motivated representation of what we want kiteboarding to be and what it means to us as we travel to some of the best spots and biggest wakestyle events throughout the year, to just have fun and ride!”

This video sees the UK crew; Tom Court, Sam Light, Aaron Hadlow and James Boulding travelling to Cape Town, South Africa, Greece, Cape Hatteras, Egypt and Russia, with a bit of EPIC kiteboarding, wakeboarding (cable) and partying action in each spot.

The FreeRide Project 2: A Proper Kite Movie

The video will be available for free download soon with the idea being that you can burn your own DVD/movie, share it at home or play it in your shops!! So sit back and enjoy, and spread the word!!

A big THANKS to all involved who made this possible and helped us along the way!


Tom Court

Sam Light

Aaron Hadlow

James Boulding

The KiteLauncher!

Edit: Tom Court (Ripslix)

Music: Original Soundtrack from Joe Publik, Born Ina Barn and Rustik Records

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