Tall Girls Trippin

Tags : Kiteboarding, El Gouna, Egypt

Tall Girls Trippin: El Gouna

“Quite tall. Quite blonde. Not quite serious!”

Follow the adventure of two friends and professional kiteboarders, Zuza Czaplinska (Cabrinha) and Malin Amle (Liquid Force), as they roam El Gouna, Egypt together. Their mission is simple: wakeboard, kitesurf, explore and have as much fun as humanly possible! No pressure, no stress, no obligations.

“Tall Girls Trippin – El Gouna” is the first episode of what is hopefully going to be a long series of fun adventures worldwide together… Because girls just want to have fun!

Tall Girls Trippin: El Gouna

Thanks go to: Cabrinha, Liquid Force, 24surf.pl, GoPro, Makulo, Marshmallow, Sensi Bikinis, Palo Wood, XBoard, Fluid, KiteSista, KITE.PL, Sliders El Gouna Cable
Riders: Malin Amle, Zuza Czaplinska
Filming: Malin Amle, Zuza Czaplinska, random locals ;)
Edit: Zuza Czaplinska
Music:Ten Minutes – “Cherrybomb”

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