Road Trippin’ with Andy Yates: Episode One

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Road Trippin’ with Andy Yates: Episode One

Road Trippin’ with Andy Yates is a video series documenting the great places kiteboarding can take you.

In episode one, Jordan Roberts travels to North Queensland to meet up with Andy Yates where they embark on an adventure down the coast, kicking off in Port Douglas. Pro rider, Andy Yates was the 2010 PKRA World Champion and is still not only an incredible kiteboarder and amazing athlete, but a super down-to-Earth guy willing to step outside his comfort zone to experience something different. He’s studying medicine, with a focus on tropical and indigenous medicine, something they explore a bit more as the series goes on.

“The weather teased us a bit in the first couple of days but we managed to pull it together for a great session out on the reef!”

Road Trippin' with Andy Yates: Episode One

Stay tuned for the next Episode where the pair visit Yarrabah, an isolated Indigenous community South of Cairns to catch up with the locals, see what life in these communities is like and visit a spot that has never been kited before!

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