Patri McLaughlin: Feeling Good

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Patri McLaughlin Tearing up Maui, Hawaii

While the north shore of Maui suffered a major wind drought this winter, Patri McLaughlin finds world class waves in some of the most dangerous and least explored places on Maui. Unnamed beachbreak walls provide ample ramps for massive carves, giant punts and incredible rolls.

Then, at the rarest of gems, Kona Lanes, Patri battles the elements and an invasion of feral windsurfers, and picks off the best of the best. There are no maps of the outer reefs, but you will find Patri there. In the end, Patri exit’s the season with wind and waves in Maui’s incredible kitesurfing arena feeling good.

Patri McLaughlin: Feeling Good

Aloha and goodluck

Rider: Patri McLaughlin

Photography: Rick Dobrowski, Ryan Toaspern

Additional Photography: Tricktionary, Xensr

Edit: Rick Dobrowski

Music: Feeling Good- Nina Simone (Bassnectar Remix)

Special Thanks: North Kites, Ion, Veg Out, Maui Jim

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