Jesse Richman’s Record-Breaking 790-Foot Tow-Up

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On 26 July 2013, Jesse Richman performed an insane 790-foot kiteboarding tow-up on the Colombia River Gorge in Oregon. Jesse not only successfully landed the jump, but more importantly rode away safely and lived to kite another day. He is the first kitesurfer to take a kite to these heights.

Jesse Richman is the 2013 Red Bull King of the Air, was Overall World Champion in Kitesurfing in 2008 and 2009, and is the current kitesurfing hang time world record holder.

”The moment of truth was not lifting off but letting go,” says Richman. “Trusting in yourself can be funny at times, especially when you’re 790 feet in the air. But there’s nothing we can’t do. The view up there was pretty freaking epic — I can’t wait for the next time I’m up there.”

The average height a kite surfer experiences is about 20-40 feet. Due to the lack of height sensor technology in the past, a record kiteboarding height has not been documented. Combining GPS with a combination of state of the art inertial sensors, the XensrCase is able to precisely measure exactly how high you jump, as well as track the rest of your session in full 3D with an unprecedented degree of accuracy.

To find out more about Jesse Richman, visit his site at:

Jesse Richman Record-Breaking 790-Foot Tow-Up

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