First Up, First Down: Steph and Olly Bridge

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Steph & Olly Bridge Kitesurfing off the Isle of Lewis

Filmed on the Isle of Lewis, Outer Hebrides in January 2014, this video features four times World Kite Racing Champion Stephanie Bridge and her World Champion son, Olly. With some of the biggest swells in the world rolling in off the Atlantic, the Islands provided some of the most challenging spots to ever be conquered by kitesurfers, resulting in this spectacular showcase of the sport.

First Up, First Down: Steph and Olly Bridge

The ‘First Up, First Down’ campaign is focused on professionals challenging themselves in previously inaccessible areas.

Using their passion and expertise to locate the perfect sweet spot, mother and son find it’s the journey to these locations which makes the experience so special.

This is the second film in a series of four, showcasing athletes at the peak of their careers travelling to untapped regions of the UK.

The video was produced by Factory Media as part of Volvo’s new ‘First Up, First Down’ campaign.

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