Eyes in the Sky: Leander Vyvey’s Comeback

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Leander Vyvey’s Comback to Kiteboarding

Pro kiteboarder, Leander Vyvey, KPWT Vice World Freestyle Kiteboarding Champion in 2008 and 2009, and 4 times Belgium champion, finally returns to kiteboarding after a serious injury that forced him out of kiteboarding for 3 years.

Taking advantage of this forced break and his experience traveling to the world’s best kitesurf spots, he created WindfishPro, a company that organizes trips to Dakhla in Morocco and other great kite spots around the world.

Leander (previously sponsored by BEST Kiteboarding) recently joined WAINMANN HAWAII, who wanted to take advantage of the global introduction of their new kite, Maniac, to tell this story… the story of his return to the world of kiteboarding at the highest level, despite the fact that doctors told him he would never kite again.

Eyes in the Sky: Leander Vyvey's Comeback

This video was shot between Tarifa and Marbella in winter in rather difficult recording conditions. January and February are difficult months for kiting there with strong wind, rain and cold… but we think they did a great job, and it was well worth the effort.

We wish Leander all the best for the competition season…

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