Alexandre Caizergues Sets New World Sailing Speed Kitesurfing Record (56.62 knots)

Alexandre Caizergues broke the World Sailing Speed Kitesurfing Record over 500 metres with a staggering average speed of 56.62 knots at the “Salt and Speed” Volkswagen Transporter Arena located in Salin-de-Giraud, France on 11 November 2013!

Alexandre improved the previous record set by American, Rob Douglas by 0.97 knots. The Provençal rider once again making history in the sport of kiteboarding and speed records under sail.

“I’m delighted. It’s great, it’s remarkable!” says an ecstatic Alex Caizergues. “We’ve validated the capacity of our speed spot and the “Salt and Speed” event. We’ve known for a while that this was a possibility and that we were capable of going very fast. Today, in a northerly wind of between 45 and 50 knots, I did at least 15 runs and each time I was doing over 50 knots. I made the most of a solid gust to accelerate and the result is immensely satisfying. Everything is set up in the salt marshes so that we can go even faster. The “Salt and Speed” team has done a fantastic job in tough conditions so thanks to everyone. Rob Douglas opted to skip this particular attempt at the start but right now, the next gale can’t come soon enough”.

Christophe Simian, an observer for the World Sailing Speed Record Council, was on hand. This record is now awaiting final approval before becoming an official record. Rob will soon be joining Alex, and together they will seek to push the record even higher.

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