A Ride to the Beach

Posted on : 26-Jan-2014
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On Tom Court's previous trip to Fuerteventura they didn't have much wind. With only three days of kiteboarding in two weeks, you really need to know you can get a launch when you need it... who you gonna call? Well, luckily the Kitelauncher was on hand to link up for a session. All he had to do was ride to the beach, from the top of a volcano to set up the spot to chill at an empty lagoon and get his team to deliver the goods...

ION bike making things just a little easier ;)

Tom Court: A Ride to the Beach
Tents: www.gybe-design.com
Music: Born Ina Barn
Rustik Records

Thanks to all who helped film this: BayCrew
Bike riding: Adam Holleymen

What a great trip!!

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