Overcoming Barriers to Become the Next Pro Kitesurfer

Become the Next Kitesurf Pro

Kitesurfing has been globally recognized as one of the fastest growing sports. There’s been an incredible surge in interest to learn kitesurfing, however the professional kitesurf community seems to be taking a little longer to catch on with big brands, attract public attention and continually engage new learners. This is in … [Read more...]

How to Increase your Sponsorship Deals

Jessica Winkler - Epic Kites - PKRA Playa del Carmen

Increasing your sponsorship deals is an important part of being a professional kitesurfer, or any pro athlete.Since many kiters are aspiring to be pro kitesurfers, and based on the response to an article I wrote last year “How to Get Sponsored”, I thought I would do a follow up article on becoming a sponsored rider. I … [Read more...]

Most Influential Girl Kitesurfer: Last Chance to Nominate

Petra Goeschl - Kitesurfing - Wave Riding

We are now in the third week of our campaign to promote girls in kitesurfing.For those who don’t know about it yet (where have you been?) we are searching for the “Most Influential Girl Kitesurfer” for 2011. Update: The 2012 MIGK competition is underway. Here’s the new competition page. Why are we doing this?… well, … [Read more...]

Most Influential Girl Kitesurfer 2011 Launch

Kitesurf Girl

Are you a kitesurf girl? Do you stand out in a crowd? Are you more comfortable in the air than on the ground?Nominate yourself or a friend who you think is doing great things in kitesurfing, or who is positively influencing others in your kiteboarding circles, for inMotion Kitesurfing’s “Most Influential Girl Kitesurfer … [Read more...]

How to Get Sponsored

Get Sponsored by Fuel Clothing

If your dream job involves making a living from the sport you love, then getting a sponsorship is going to play a crucial role as you embark on your journey to a career in sports.While my own road to sponsorship centres around kitesurfing, these tips are not just for kitesurfers, and can be applied to virtually any … [Read more...]