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Toeside Wave Riding Tips

Kitesurfing - Wave Riding - Floater - Rob Chrystal

The 12th of August will go down as a day to remember as far as kitesurfing in Durban goes! Surf and wind combined and the crew hit Kite Beach Durban for one of the best kiting sessions in a long time.The swell was SW 3.4 m at 11 seconds and was pushing a solid 4-5ft mid-break that had power, was hollow and grinding. The … [Read more...]

Kitesurfing: Taking Surfing to New Heights

Kitesurfing - Wave Riding - Rob Chrystal

We are pleased to present you with this awesome article written by Rob Chrystal, highlighting the advantages of the wave riding side of kiting - kitesurfing.For those of you who don’t know Rob, he is the owner of a well known kitesurfing shop in Durban, South Africa, called Ocean2air. Rob has been flying kites for around … [Read more...]