Praia do Preá, Brazil: Kitesurfers Playground

Seven months of perfect winds in the year and a paradisaical beach waiting to be discovered… surrounded by mangroves, lagoons and dunes… the ultimate playground for kitesurfers. Point of arrival for a downwind tour almost 300km along the coast of Ceará, Brazil, Praia do Preá is considered one of the best spots for kitesurfing worldwide!

Kitesurfing at Praia do Preá

Discovered in 1999 by kitesurfers looking for favorable winds, Praia do Preá also became an obligatory stop for anyone wanting to get in touch with nature; an authentic fishing village, which has not yet been discovered by tourism, a wild beach and neighboring a national park. Praia do Preá is an ecological paradise, with a rich ecosystem where the winds are perfect for all levels of kitesurfing, from beginner to advanced.

In Preá, the wind blows all year round, but the perfect season runs between July and January, with speeds that range from 20 to 40 knots. These are steady on shore trade winds, with a sea that has a water temperature between 22 to 25 degrees. And there’s something else that makes this kiting destination so special; a downwind with waves that starts in Cumbuco, almost 300 miles away and ends at Preá.

Praia do Preá Kiteboarding

Kite Spots

All in close proximity, Praia do Preá sees good winds through several beaches that are perfect for wave riding and Freestyle.


Icarai de Amontada KitesurfingJust next to Fortaleza, Cumbuco is an urbanized beach stretch that offers good winds. This is where the kitesurfing championships take place, and it’s a great Freestyle peak.

Icarai de Amontada

Between Fortaleza, Ceará capital, and Preá you’ll find Icarai de Amontada. Originally an authentic fisherman village, today it is well urbanized after being discovered by tourism. Icarai de Amontada has a 7km long bay, and 20-35 knot winds from June to December.

Guajiru Island

The Guajiru Island is easily accessible, but has remained an extremely remote place that has not been developed by tourism. It boasts both ocean with waves and a flat crystalline lagoon. It’s really awesome kiting downwind in the waves and then hitting the flat water pond. The wind blows nonstop here.

Guajiru Island Kitesurfing


Paracuru is a phenomenal place where the guys kite in a beach corner. There’s a bar on the beach front, with lively folk and guaranteed 25 knots at sea from July to January.

Kitesurfing Paracuru

Learning to Kitesurf & Renting Equipment

Rancho do Kite on Praia do Preá is considered one of the best kite schools in Brazil. The school is run by Vanessa and Mosquito, both senior level instructors trained by the IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization). Expect great weather, and a radical gang… Watch the video!

Video: Voando das dunas de Jeri – Rancho do Kite

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Where to Stay

Rancho do Peixe is a fully eco-friendly hotel, linked with nature and sustainability. They grow their own organic garden and their facilities are made from reforested wood and carnauba straw. The hotel was built on a coconut farm, without felling any trees. The bungalows are nestled amongst vegetation, and have a privileged view of the beach and stunning sunsets.

Pousada Rancho do Peixe

Pousada Rancho do Peixe


The Kite 270 KM surfin sem fim is an endless kitesafari from Cumbuco to Preá, with 99% of the trip being on the water. It’s a unique experience, passing by inhabited stretches like Flexeiras Icaraí, Icarai de Amontada and other totally wild places. The trip lasts 4 days, and passes Taiba, Piracuru, Guajirú, Flexeiras, Whale, Icaraizinho, and the super visual late afternoon sail at Lagoa do Cauípe. This epic ride is organized by e.Group.

Getting There

The nearest airport is Pinto Martins Airport in Fortaleza. We recommend you schedule a transfer by 4×4 from there. The region’s hotels usually offer this service, and the trip can take about 4 hours.

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  1. Well,
    very short … there is much more to say abaout Prea and especially about the fantastic spots around … just to get an idea check this……


    • Thanks for the feedback Hacky, and for the reference. We agree that there’s plenty more to say about a great kite spot like this. If you’d like to elaborate on any of the areas covered (or not covered), feel to send it to us and we’ll gladly add it to the article.


  2. Very good words,
    Prea beach every single season become more famous and best known
    not only for your perfect beach and constant wind but for good people around, excellent food and great lagoons also you can kitesurf but special for relaxing after a day long of kiting.

    by Jair Marques
    local guy from Prea- 8 years of Kitesurfing.