KSP Cabrinha Kite Surf Pro Hawaii 2013 Results

The world’s top pro kitesurfers have arrived on the Island of Maui in Hawaii for the 2013 KSP World Championship, the Cabrinha Kite Surf Pro. The Cabrinha Kitesurf Pro kicked off on 22 November and will run through to 1 December at Ho’okipa Beach in Maui, and promises to deliver world class action at one of kitesurfing’s premier spots.

Cabrinha Kite Surf Pro Hawaii 2013

The competition was put on hold for the first two days due to light northerly winds, but got under way on day three as the easterly trade winds set in.

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Cabrinha Kite Surf Pro Daily Updates

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Day 3 (24 November)

The qualification rounds and round 1 of the men’s main event were run in head high surf and around 15-18 knots of wind.

Cabrinha Kite Surf Pro Hawaii 2013

“With the trades back, Ho’okipa delivered today. The riders were stoked with the wind and wave conditions” said KSP live stream commentator Ben Meyer, “we were able to complete the qualification round as well as the entire men’s first round of the main event with the conditions looking favorable to complete the men’s and women’s championship in the next few days.”

Advancing from the morning’s qualification rounds were Jesse Richman (HI), Jeremy Lentz (FRA, F-One), Rafal Maleszyk (POL), Kai Lenny (HI), Tiago Candelot (BRA) and Devin Moody (HI, North).

The highest two-wave heat score of the men’s main event belonged to defending World Champion Keahi De Aboitiz (AUS, Cabrinha) with a 14.83. Local Maui newcomer Cruser Putnam (HI, Cabrinha) surprised with the second highest heat score of the day (14.37) with a blazing back-hand attack at his local spot. 2011 KSP World Champion Airton Cozzolino (ITA, North) battled with fellow countryman Matchu Almeida (CPV, North) to advance on to round 2. Other standouts included Mitu Monteiro (CBV, F-One), Filippe Ferreira (BRA, F-One), Sebastian Ribeiro (BRA) and local boy Patri McLaughlin (HI, North). Kai Lenny (HI), fresh off his recent SUP World Championship victory in France, displayed powerful and fluid surfing, establishing himself as a serious contender for the Cabrinha Kite Surf Pro Maui.

The women’s heat 1 of round 1 was started late in the afternoon, but called off due to deteriorating wind conditions.

Video: Cabrinha Kite Surf Pro Day 3

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Day 4 (25 November)

The fourth day of the Cabrinha Kite Surf Pro started with strong winds and medium size surf for the beginning of the women’s main event. The first heat of round 1 for the women – which had been canceled yesterday afternoon – started an action packed day for all of the riders.

“The waves were really fun today – the conditions lined up for a great day of competition” said highest heat score of the day rider Sebastian Ribeiro (BRA) „I’m really looking forward to the quarter finals tomorrow and riding Ho’okipa in what looks to be epic conditions.”

Also joining Ribeiro in the quarter finals are Mitu Monteiro (CPV/F-One), Airton Cozzolino (ITA/North), Keahi Aboitiz (AUS/Cabrinha), Paulino Perreira (POR/Cabrinha), Sebastian Ribeiro (BRA), Pedro Henrique (BRA), Kai Lenny (HI) and Cruser Putnam (HI, Cabrinha) continuing his amazing run in the event as the Cabrinha wild card.

Cabrinha Kite Surf Pro Hawaii 2013

On the women side, the quarterfinal ladder includes defending event champion Moona Whyte (HI/Cabrinha) as well as defending world champion Jalou Langeree (NED) along side Skylar Lickle (HI), Ines Correia (POR/RRD), Kristin Boese (GER), Milla Ferreira (BRA/F-One), Kalia Agueira (HI), Suzanne Kuiper (NED/F-One).

Continuing from the previous years’ performance, Moona Whyte and Jalou Langeree showed outstanding rides battling for the next round.

Video: Cabrinha Kite Surf Pro Day 4

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Day 5 (26 November)

The fifth and final day of the Cabrinha Kite Surf Pro Maui kicked off with blasting trade winds and overhead surf. Men’s and Women’s champions were crowned today on Maui’s north shore following an intense day of competition.

Cabrinha Kite Surf Pro Hawaii 2013 Day 5

The women’s quarterfinalists were up first in a building northwest swell and solid trade winds. Advancing into the semi-finals were Moona Whyte (HI/Cabrinha), Ines Correia (POR/RRD), Jalou Langeree (NED) and Milla Ferreira (BRA/F-One). Whyte and Langeree went on to dominate their semi-final heats to set up an epic re-match of last year’s world tour finals.

Cabrinha Kite Surf Pro Hawaii 2013 Day 5

Surviving the quarterfinal rounds on the men’s side were Airton Cozzolino (ITA/North), Keahi DeAboitiz (AUS/Cabrinha), Kai Lenny (HI) and Sebastian Ribeiro (BRA). Cozzolino and DeAboitiz battled in the first semifinal with DeAboitiz keeping his world championship dreams alive by narrowly defeating the young Italian. In the second semifinal, Maui local Kai Lenny beat an on-fire Ribeiro with his consistent and committed riding.

Between the semi finals and finals of the world championships a heat of legendary proportions was run. Pete Cabrinha (USA/Cabrinha), Robby Naish (USA), Flash Austin (USA), Elliot Leboe (USA/Cabrinha), Alex Aguera (HI/Ozone) and Brett Lickle (USA/Cabrinha) hit the water in a showcase featuring the founding pioneers of the sport on Maui. A huge crowd lined the shore to witness the 20-minute super-heat featuring the heroes of the sport.

Cabrinha Kite Surf Pro Hawaii 2013 Day 5

“It was fun to get out there in a heat with a select few guys who have been instrumental in the development and progression of the sport of kiteboarding on Maui”, said Pete Cabrinha. “We all had a blast out there.”

The Cabrinha Kite Surf Pro finals were held in epic Ho’okipa conditions. On the men’s side, reigning KSP World Champion Keahi DeAboitiz (AUS/Cabrinha) met local Maui hero Kai Lenny (HI) to determine who would be the 2013 KSP World Champion. By the time the final horn sounded, no one on the beach knew who had won the heat. It wasn’t until the prize giving ceremony that De Aboitiz learned that he had successfully defended his world title narrowly defeating the young Hawaiian.

“I was really stoked to take the win for the second year in a row,” said DeAboitiz. “I couldn’t be happier, really. We had some really fun waves and I had a great time out there.”

The women’s final was contested in equally epic surf and the highly anticipated rematch between Whyte and Langeree was a battle for the ages. Both riders were powerful and fluid but in the end, Whyte defeated Langeree to defend her title here at Ho’okipa and claim the 2013 World Championship title.

Cabrinha Kite Surf Pro Hawaii 2013 Day 5

“It was really close in the final against Jalou and it could have gone either way, but I’m stoked it went my way,” said new KSP World Champion Whyte.

Video: Cabrinha Kite Surf Pro Day 5

Cabrinha Kite Surf Pro Men’s Final Results

1st Keahi De Aboitiz (AUS, Cabrinha)
2nd Kai Lenny (HI)
3rd Sebastian Ribeiro (BRA)
4th Airton Cozzolino (ITA, North)
5th Mitu Monteiro (CPV, F-One)
5th Cruser Putnam (HI, Cabrinha)
5th Paulino Pereira (PRT, Cabrinha)
5th Pedro Henrique (BRA)
9th Matchu Lopes (CPV, North)
9th Jeremy Lentz (FRA, F-One)
9th Enrico Giordano
9th Sky Solbach (HI, North)
9th Filippe Ferreira (BRA, F-One)
9th Djo Silva (CPV, F-One)
9th Patri McLaughlin (HI, North)
9th Etienne Lhote (FRAU, F-One)
17th Sergey Mysovskiy (RUS)
17th Jesse Richman (HI)
17th Johnny Berger (USA, Cabrinha)
17th Devin Moody (HI, North)
17th Rafal Malezyk (POL)
17th Tiago Candelot (BRA)
17th Matthew Elsassar (USA, Cabrinha)
17th Ralph Boelen (FRA, North)

Cabrinha Kite Surf Pro Women’s Final Results

1st Moona Whyte (HI, Cabrinha)
2nd Jalou Langeree (NED, Naish)
3rd Milla Ferreira (BRA, F-One)
4th Ines Correia (POR)
5th Kristin Boese (GER)
5th Skylar Lickle (HI)
5th Suzanne Kuiper (NED, F-One)
5th Kalia Aguera (HI)
9th Erika Lindberg (SWE)
9th Rawuel Lima (BRA)
9th Isa Cohen (USA)
9th Carol Bolstad (USA)

Cabrinha Kite Surf Pro Hawaii 2013 Awards

Following the KSP world championship finals the focus shifted to the Xensr Big Air Invitational. The 12 invited male and 3 female riders were sent out on the water with a gps based Xensr measuring device that measures the height of each riders jumps to within 3mm. The Xensr Big Air Invitational final was won by Jon McCabe (Hi/Ozone) with Jesse Richman (HI) in second and Charles Edwards (HI/North) in third. The highest jump of the day, however, belonged to Shawn Richman (HI) with a height of 45.42 feet.

The women’s Big Air was won by Jalou Langeree (NED) over second place finisher Raquel Lima (HI) with Skylar Lickle (HI) in third.

Wrapping up the final day’s action were the men’s and women’s finals of the Kama’aina Throwdown. Rafal Malezyk took top spot in the Kama’aina men’s division over second place Garfield King with Wes Anderson in third. In the women’s division it was youngster Skylar Lickle taking the win with Michelle Crompton in second and Tatiana Howard in third place.

Cabrinha Kitesurf Pro Maui 2013 Wrap Up Video

The Cabrinha Kite Surf Pro is supported by the County Of Maui, ION, Xensr, HEVN, Maui Solar Project, Hotel Wailea, Bluesmiths Clothing, Tramontana Grafixx, FinallyPainFree.com, Adventure Sports Maui, Courtyard Marriott, Second Wind Maui, Maui Beach Hotel, Strini Art Glass, Wholefoods Maui, MKC, Bob’s Dogs of Maui, Boardriding Maui, Mana Foods and Kitefinder.

If you’re lucky enough to be on Maui at the Cabrinha Kitesurf Pro, or if you’ve been following the action via the live broadcast, we’d love to hear your thoughts on the event in the comments below…

Images by Richard Hallman courtesy of the KSP World Pro Tour.

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