Kite Gear for Girls: The Evolution of Pink

This year there has been a huge growth in the development of women specific kite gear. With organizations promoting women in watersports such as Kristin Boese’s KB4Girl’s and Tatiana Howard’s The Butterfly Effect; there are more opportunities for girls to learn kiteboarding in a fun and supportive group environment and it has become more accessible than ever for girls to take up water sports.

Cabrinha Siren Collection Susi Mai

With the influx of women has come new gear developed especially for women. The days of wearing flimsy bathing suits and riding large men’s kiteboards are gone. The companies below are dedicated to creating products for women that are functional and durable without loosing their quality of design.

Sensi Bikini’s

When you wipe out and find yourself body-dragging through the surf, you don’t want to have to make a split decision between rescuing your bikini top or your board. Enter Sensi Bikini’s by professional kiteboarder Sensi Graves. As a professional kiteboarder Graves’ knows how important it is to have a bikini that stays put. Her bikini line features multiple suits with cross backs. Unlike traditional “sport bikini’s,” that were more boxy than fun, Sensi Bikini’s come in bright colors and stylish cuts. These suits give you the confidence of coverage while remaining stylish so you still feel like a girl… even while you’re boosting higher than the guys.

Sensi Bikinis

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Freug’s Kiteboarding

Freug’s is the first brand of kiteboards that is 100% completely designed and developed for girls. Freug’s has developed a line of kiteboards specifically tailored to the female form. The days of boosting and losing your board mid jump are gone, as Freug’s has developed footpads and straps specifically designed for women’s smaller feet. Their boards feature just the right amount of girly details and colors without losing quality and function. Freug’s currently offers a range of three boards covering freestyle, light wind and freeride.

Girls Kiteboards Freugs Kiteboarding

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Cabrinha Siren Collection by Susi Mai

Cabrinha has responded to the need for a high-performance top quality women’s kite. The new Siren switchblade designed by Cabrinha and Susi Mai is modeled for a smaller framed body. Finally there is a more feminine kite on the market, with splashy fun colors of turquoise and pink. The Siren features lighter bar pressure and quicker turning speed, but possibly the most exciting aspect of this kite is the extended trim adjusters. Adjusting your kite is now much easier as the bar has been tailored to women’s smaller frame.

Cabrinha Siren Collection Susi Mai

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Seea Rashguards

Sometimes you want a little extra coverage from the sun’s rays or chilly morning water. The majority of rash guards on the market are boxy and covered with logos. Seea’s rash guards are hand crafted in California by designer and surfer Amanda Chinchelli. These rash guards are cut to flatter the female form yet remain comfortable and functional. They are designed longer so they perfectly cover your torso therefore avoiding dreaded harness rash.

Seea Rashguards

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Mystic Shadow Bruna Kajiya Waist Harness

Designed by Mystic and Female World Freestyle Champion Bruna Kajiya the Shadow waist harness has a slimmer profile for smaller riders. Super flexible and light, it features a soft inner lining and a softer outline on the back. Modeled perfectly for the female form this harness features additional padding on the inside hip area.

Mystic Shadow Womans Harness Bruna Kajiya Purple

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Kiteable Tees

Girls Kiteable TeesAs a female kiteboarder I noticed a lack of shirts on the market that feature a female rider, thus Kiteable Tees was born.

I have created the first shirt on the market showing a female kiter in action ripping it up among waves and exotic hibiscus flowers. Wearing this tee keeps you feeling more than stoked when you’re off the water.

I choose only the softest materials and use the least toxic inks.

I’ve designed shirts for men and women so that when you’re off the waves and out on the town, kiteboarding is never far from your thoughts.

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When you spend your days on the water it’s important to have gear that you feel comfortable wearing and confident using. These companies are dedicated to creating equipment that helps the female perform at her highest. Whether it’s bikini’s that stay put in the surf, kite gear that’s easy to maneuver, or tee’s to rock when you’re off the water, women’s kiting has finally made its mark.

Written by

Gillian Ellis

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Gillian is a kiteboarder from Charleston, SC who works full-time as a wedding and children’s photographer and also runs a line of kiteboarding t-shirts called Kiteable Tee’s. She is most passionate about promoting women in kiteboarding and organizes kiteboarding events with the Air Club for Girls. When not photographing or designing tee’s you can catch her ripping up waves on a SUP or kiting local flat-water spots.

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  1. I’d LOVE to have a bar where the freaking bar wasn’t so far out… my arms are kinda short! Come on kite makers… make the bar more girl friendly for those of us what 5’2″ and smaller?

  2. make kite is in our future project. Yes we will make a girly bar ;) to waiting this special kite try our board ;)

  3. Lara vasconcelos says:

    Hello. I want to know where can I buy the Kite Cabrinha Siren Collection by Susi Mai 2013, the blue with Pink. I’m In Love whit it.

    • Hi Lara,

      Yeah, they really are nice looking kites. I’m afraid we wouldn’t know where you can get them now, as these models are no longer current. You’ll need to buy them second hand from someone. Perhaps ask your local kite shop, search online or even try contacting Cabrinha directly.

      Sorry we couldn’t be of more assistance with this.