Halfway Around the World with Kitelancers

We were recently contacted by an interesting guy by the name of Marcin Jędras from a Polish outfit he aptly calls Kitelancers. His reason for contacting us… Marcin is planning a kitesurfing trip spanning 31 countries, 3 continents and over 50 kite spots.

Kitelancers Defender

Marcin, who’s a freelance web developer, recons that since he works from his office, home, coffee shop, car and even the beach, anyway, he might as well do it from incredible and unique kite spots… and the idea for a trip half way around the world in search of great kitesurfing spots was born.

The Trip

The plan is to start in Wrocław, Poland in May 2013 and visit over 50 kite spots in 31 countries in Europe, Africa and Asia, ending in Hong Kong, China. They will travel in a Land Rover Defender, interview local kitesurfers, take photos and shoot videos along the way. There are two seats available for guests in their Defender, so if you’d like to join them on their adventure, follow their Facebook page for updates on how to get onboard.

Kitelancers Infographic

Kitelancers Infographic

A few Words from Kitelancers

We probably don’t need to explain to anyone who’s tried kitesurfing, that it’s an addictive sport. The feeling of having control over the wind, tearing up the water and water drops smashing all over your body, is just amazing! Another great thing about kitesurfing is the people. No matter if you’re under 20 or over 50, if you’re an architect, lawyer, graphic designer or web developer like me, kitesurfing connects us. We are open, willing to help each other at any time, and we all crave wind.

Kitelancers Kitesurfing Halfway Around the World

We check the wind forecasts a few times a day, and if there’s even a slight chance, we have no problem driving over 500 kilometres just to have two good days of kiteboarding. And even if the water is close to freezing and the forecast doesn’t come through… wait, that’s not good, we like it windy and warm! Which is why we came up with the idea for a trip in search of great places to kitesurf, meet awesome people and work at the same time. We called it KiteLancer, short for kitesurfing freelancers.

We are looking for sponsors and great kite spots on our route, so check our website, and if your kite spot or school is on our route, let us know if you can help, or just say hello.

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