Colonel Caveman and the Flying Dutchman

Kitespotters recently produced a unique kitesurfing short movie, Colonel Caveman and the Flying Dutchman.

Colonel And The Flying Dutchman Cover Image

Set in sunny (and windy) Cape Town, South Africa, Colonel Caveman and the Flying Dutchman sets out to promote tourism and kitesurfing in South Africa’s windy city in a unique and rather humorous way.

Cape Town Kiting at its Best


Movie name: Colonel Caveman and the Flying Dutchman

Producer: Kitespotters Production

Camera, editing and producing: Vaughan Harris – Kitespotters

The Story Board

The “Operation Flying Dutchman” is the perfect action-packed short movie promoting Kitesurfing to Cape Town. The story centres around three hard-core top South African kitesurfers who are called for duty by the legendary ”Colonel Caveman” to join in the search for the Flying Dutchman. Their mission is to infiltrate the beaches of Cape Town under the radar using the “Huey” in search of the Flying Dutchman.

In 1680, a Dutch Captain sailing his ship, The Flying Dutchman around Cape Point ignored the notorious Cape of Storms, sending his ship and crew to the ocean bottom. Legend has it that for his sins he forms a table cloth over Table Mountain watching over passing ships, others say they have seen his ghost.

Colonel and the Flying Dutchman Skeleton

Colonel Caveman and the Flying Dutchman

Scene one opens with a very desolate and remote Cape Town with howling winds leading into the start of a new day. As dawn breaks we are met by three kitesurfers (Colin Heckroodt, Luke McGwillie and Ozwald Smith), making their way to the Huey. The mission is lead by Colonel Caveman (Brad Symington) who arrives late on this Hardly Harley Scooter. Colonel Caveman briefs his team at the Huey Chopper. They are later teamed up with a naval frigate for support. Captain Iona North (Stacey Vass) flies the Huey under the radar and dispatches the crew on to the beach.

The three kitesurfers are met by the howling Cape Doctor (South Easter) and explore the perfect conditions. With the wind pumping we see some of the most insane mega kite loops, massive 12 second big jumps and radical wave action on blistering swells. All this leaves us to believe that the legend of the Flying Dutchman still lives on.

Luke McGwellie Kitesurfing Unhooked

Luke McGwellie

About the Movie

“Colonel Caveman and the Flying Dutchman” has a war-like look and feel about it which may have absolutely nothing to do with kitesurfing at the start of the movie, but the scene is Cape Town and it promotes Cape Town as a tourist destination and of course the famous Huey helicopter that offers tourists daily adventure flips around Cape Town.

The set is hardcore but humorous with Colonel Caveman’s opening speech in a real Afrikaans accent with the use of typical South African slang words mixed with Afrikaans humour.

You Can Help

Now that we have finished our short movie we are looking at producing another one, only this time bigger and better. So if you like this movie, please can we ask you to go to Colonel Caveman and the Flying Dutchman and vote for us?

Your vote you will help us win the prize for the best movie shot for this particular kite video competition. The prize of R10 000 will help us with our budget for our next kitesurfing movie we are planning.

Kitespotters would like to thank all those involved in making this movie happen.


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  1. I really enjoyed the film! Nice work guys :)