Cape Verde Kitesurf Spot Guide

Looking for something out of the ordinary and a one of a kind kitesurfing experience? Pack your bags and your kite gear and head on over to the sun kissed beaches of the Cape Verde Islands located just off the west coast of Africa.

Cape Verde Islands

Blessed with powder-fine, sandy beaches, deserted sand dunes and azure blue waters, some of which you can have all to yourself and your buddies, the Cape Verde islands are a hidden gem for kitesurfers who are eager to book a holiday in the sun and escape from the more congested kitesurfing destinations.

Think of the 10 emerald islets which make up the Cape Verde archipelago as the Canaries, or some of the island paradises in the Caribbean long before mass tourism and over-development of these popular destinations set in. Cape Verde is still relatively unspoilt, ruggedly charming and most of all, still quite cheap. So a few days in Cape Verde should definitely be on your list of destinations to visit during the winter holidays, as this is a place where you can get your fill of sun, sea and surf almost all year round. The various islands which comprise this gem off the West African coast, offer the intrepid kitesurfer a glimpse at different vistas and spectacular views, from its many beautiful beaches, quaint and rustic towns with cobbled streets, windswept sand dunes, lush tropical greenery, secluded coves, along with a few volcanoes thrown in for good measure… oh, and did we mention the pristine kitesurfing conditions?

Cape Verde Ponta Preta KSP

Kitesurfers at all levels will be pleased to hear that Cape Verde has pleasant year-round weather, perfect for multi-spot offerings where you can kitesurf to your heart’s content. Kiters who have been fortunate enough to visit Cape Verde will tell you that the waves here are fantastic, and the wind is constant, even during the so-called ‘rainy season’ which runs from August to October. Temperatures during the summer months from May-November range from a sunny 29°C and can reach a moderate 19°C at night-time. Factors such as these and Cape Verde’s reputation as a hidden paradise were what initially convinced the organizers to decide that Cape Verde would play host to the Professional Windsurfers World Cup Competition (PWA) which was held there in February 2007.

Cape Verde Ponta Preta KSP

More recently however, Cape Verde appeared on the radar of kitesurfers around the world, when the KSP chose Ponta Preta, Cape Verde as the final stop on the 2011 KSP World Pro Tour. This says a lot for Cape Verde as a great wave riding destination, considering the KSP’s incredibly high standards for wave and wind quality and consistency.

KSP Ponta Preta Video

We simply can’t describe Cape Verde better than Phillippe, a local entrepreneur does at 0:44 in the video below, so take a look…

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Getting There & Accommodation

Booking flights and accommodation in Cape Verde can be done relatively easily through a reputable online tour operator like Thomson.

The 4 most important islands which should be at the top of your itinerary in Cape Verde should include Sal Island, Boa Vista, Santiago and Fogo. And if you’re looking for great wave riding, then add Ponta Preta to the mix.

Cape Verde Ponta Preta KSP

Sal Island

Sal is home to the Surf Zone, which is easily Cabo Verde’s largest kite and windsurfing school, and has built a good reputation for the safety and quality of its classes, having been in operation for the last 11 years. Sal Island boasts some of the best waves, comparable with other more well-known surfing destinations. Both beginners and advanced kitesurfers will find something that will catch their fancy in Sal.

Boa Vista

Boa Vista is generally less developed when it comes to tourism facilities and infrastructure compared to Sal, but the island also has some of the most beautiful beaches in the archipelago. Kitesurfing and windsurfing here is also first class, with waves that often range from being calm and flat to rolling big waves and breakers, which even advanced riders will find quite challenging.

Cape Verde Deserto Viana Boa Vista


Santiago also has great beaches, but is better known for the diversity of its landscapes which include lush valleys, volcanic rocks and a few secluded and barren landscapes, which may appeal to your adventurer within. If you fancy a bit of hiking and exploration, you’ll surely love Santiago.


Lastly, Fogo is where you’ll find one of the most popular attractions in Cape Verde; the volcano and its verdant crater where aromatic coffee is grown around its slopes, and vineyards are cultivated on the inside of the volcanic crater, the grapes from which the famous Fogo wine is produced. Tourists are enjoined to take a scenic trek up the crater to enjoy the magnificent views of the island and its neighbours afforded you at the top. You may also opt to have lunch at the restaurant right at the top of the crater.

Cape Verde Fogo

These are just some of the reasons why you should visit the wild and unspoilt hideaway that is the Cape Verde islands. If you are looking to book a kitesurfing holiday in the sun, or you need to escape the chilly winters of Europe, then spend your day’s kitesurfing in a secluded island paradise on the cheap and visit Cape Verde today!

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  1. Marc van Dijk says:

    Great to see this article!
    From reading that island of Sao Vicente is not mentioned, this must be the best kept secret!
    It a great island for kitesurfing 1 world-class spot and 4 others, for advanced riders only. What makes Sao Vicente different: LOTS of space on the water, a vibrant culture, and being able to combine 2 islands in one trip (Sao Vicente + Santo Antao). The latter has breathtaking sceneries – steep mountains , lush green. Convenient flights are VERY difficult to find. Tip: TACV from Amsterdam or Paris (phone and e-mail only, are not on the web) or TAP outbound on Saturday, return on Tuesday.

    • Hey Marc, thank you for your comment and the great info… it’s almost like a mini spot guide of its own… :-)
      We appreciate the tips mate!

    • Hi Marc, thanks for your information! I’ll go to cape Verde mid march until end April and since the wind wan’t probably be very strong I was wondering if you might know if in San Vicente the wind is slightly stronger or if there is a century effect between the two islands?
      Originally we where looking to stay in Sal but now after some research we red good things about San Vicente.
      Cheers mate for any Info’s.