Youri Zoon: The Ultimate Reward

Youri Zoon - Kiteboarding Image

It has been a great year for kitesurfing!

We saw the launch of the KSP’s Dream Tour, which has most certainly taken kitesurfing to a whole new level, and also given us plenty to look forward to next year. We also saw Youri Zoon dominate the PKRA tour in an unprecedented fashion, winning almost every competition on the freestyle kiteboarding tour!

So as we see 2011 out, and prepare ourselves for an even better 2012, we leave you with this video documenting the story of the new kiteboarding world champion; Youri Zoon.

Video: The Ultimate Reward

EyEFORcE productions has followed Brunotti team rider Youri Zoon over the last couple of years, filming him on locations across the globe. This epic video documents his career, and the rise of a kiteboarding star.

Youri Zoon - Kiteboarding Image

Youri Zoon

To all our readers, thank you for your support throughout the year. We wish you all good winds and great sessions in the New Year!

The inMotion Kitesurfing Team


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