Mutiny F-Series 2012 Review

I’ve flown the 2011/2012 Mutiny F-Series kite a number of times now and also listened to feedback from a number of others who either own one or have tried out the kite.

Mutiny F-Series Kite

So here’s my take on the Mutiny F-Series.

Test Conditions

Variety of conditions encountered – from flat-water to monster waves and swell. Wind from 15 – 40kts.

The Kite

It is a hybrid kite, has 5 struts and is built with quality and performance in mind, using all the best materials available so far in kite manufacturing. It is solid – proven by being absolutely munched in monster swell, (not once, but twice!) dragged out the surf looking like a wrung-out towel and not seeming any worse for the wear! Colours are bright and striking and it looks good in the air.

Mutiny F-Series Bar Setup

F-Series Bar Setup

The bar is marketed as an entity on its own; it’s that good! And can be used on any kite that is set up to have all lines even when it’s fully powered up on the trim line and the bar is pulled all the way in. It is a solid one-piece aluminium bar covered by hand-stitched chamois leather type covering called, ‘Gecko Grip’. It is firm and soft at the same time and allows you to kite the whole day without getting sore hands. There is a huge swivel on the front lines that just works in untwisting your lines after all those kite-loops. De-power is always within reach above the bar and uses a clam-cleat system which is very easy to trim. Different line attachment points also enable you to adjust the bar width from 48cm to 52cm for smaller or bigger kites, or to have more or less bar pressure.

Lines are 25m long. 360kg load. The kite can be flown on 4 or 5-lines setup. The 5th line and attachments are included in the bag. A spare chicken loop and centre rope are also included in the bag.

Mutiny F-Series Video: Bar Teaser

Initial Feel

Just pumping the kite up you can feel it wants to fly. It bucks and jumps around on the pump leash, begging to get airborne. Once in the air, at first you feel as if you might have too small a kite up or something because it doesn’t feel like you are being pulled at all. And yet – you are actually cruising comfortably! There is very little bar pressure but you still know where the kite is. And that bar… it’s just so comfy in your hands! The designers have built the kite with aerodynamics in mind and as such there is very little drag, enabling the kite to fly in a sniff of wind and giving them a huge wind-range.

Mutiny F-Series Kite - Beach

Mutiny F-Series


With this kite I have been boosting bigger and with more confidence than ever before. The kite just always seems to be where it should be, and if not, the slightest adjustment gets it back where it belongs enabling you to have soft, floaty landings. It really is very forgiving and always drifts back toward the edge of the window no matter how much you over-cook it. Because of the long throw on the bar, (adjustable using the moveable cleat block), it gives a big power range that enables you to generate tons of lift just by pulling the bar in.

I stood on the beach the one day in strong wind easily holding down a 9m Mutiny F-Series, and just by pulling in the bar I was lifted a good few meters into the air, and it felt like I would have kept going up if I hadn’t eased out on the bar and floated smoothly back down.

Free Riding

Because of its smooth pull the kite never feels like you are being yanked around so you are confident to do tricks, jumps and kite loops. The power delivery is constant however hard you choose to throw the kite around and it soaks up gusts effortlessly. This kite was built for smooth effortless riding!

Mutiny F-Series Kite - Kitesurfing

Mutiny F-Series


The Mutiny F-Series is a great kite for wave riding. No bar pressure so all that kite manoeuvring doesn’t leave you with kiter’s elbow and pumped up forearms – you can kite for hours! Unhooked or hooked-in you always know where the kite is and what it’s doing and there is no back-stalling if you haven’t over-sheeted it. Its light weight allows it to just drift downwind without pulling you off the wave, allowing you to concentrate on properly surfing the wave. This kite also screams upwind so while everybody else is tacking to the horizon and back, you are almost riding just between mid-break and backline.

High Wind Performance

I only weigh about 60kgs and I’ve been out on the 7m F-series in wind gusting 40 knots – and I never once felt over powered. The long throw on the bar, (standard is 40cm but can be adjusted to 60cm if you want that much), gives you confidence that the kite will depower when you push the bar away, and gives the kite a huge wind range.

Mutiny F-Series Wingtip

Mutiny F-Series Wingtip

I am an instructor and it can be a problem with my light weight in strong winds when I have to teach big students because I have to be able to take the kite from my student at times. I’ve experienced this using a 9m Mutiny F-Series and I had no problem holding down the kite and never felt unsafe. This one guy, who has a Mutiny 7m, was caught in over 40 knot winds and was able to come in and land the kite quite safely!


The Mutiny F-Series screams upwind more than any other kite I’ve flown! Even on light-wind days I’ve been able to stay upwind while others are walking back up the beach. The kite is so aerodynamic and light that it hardly needs any wind to fly while still generating plenty of lift. There is no canopy flutter due to the substantial trailing edge batons and tight canopy construction.

2011/2012 Mutiny F-Series Pros & Cons


  • An all-round smooth, easy kite to fly – at all levels.
  • Easy re-launch – just pull the back line and it spins around on its leading edge.
  • Excellent, solid build quality.
  • Good clam-style opening storage bag that looks small but just swallows up the kite, with a separate front pocket for the bar, spares, etc.
  • Amazingly comfortable bar, with simple functionality that just works.
Mutiny F-Series Bags

F-Series Bags


  • I found that I needed to add another knot in the back line attachment points as there is a bit of a ‘dead’ spot without it – especially on the 9m for some reason.
  • Velcro patch to hold free end of the depower line onto the clam cleat is a good thought but a waste of time – it comes off on the first use.
  • The clear silicone inflate tubes tend to crack and split quite easily so have your spares with you.
  • Chicken lock is too flimsy but apparently that is being addressed.
  • Inflate valve is ridiculously ‘tight’. You can hardly push the pump handle down so I just use the deflate valve to inflate the kite.

Who Should Buy a Mutiny F-Series?

Any beginner, intermediate, or advanced free rider, and especially any dedicated wave rider of any level right up to expert.

For more information or to purchase the 2011 / 2012 F-Series kite in South Africa, visit Mutiny South Africa. To find a dealer internationally, visit the Mutiny Kites Dealer Locator.

Written by

Bruce Gaynham


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