MIGK11 Voting Update

If you haven’t been following the action around the voting for the 2011 “Most Influential Girl Kitesurfer”, then you need to know that things have been going crazy here ever since we opened the voting a week and a half ago!

Clementine Bonzom - Kitesurfing

Over 2 500  people have voted already and things are really heating up with the leaderboard changing almost on an hourly basis at times! Check it out for yourself, and while you are over there, cast your vote for your favourite girl.

If you have been following the action closely on the other hand, you may have noticed that the vote counts dropped recently, and you’re probably wondering what happened.

Well, as with anything that gains this much public attention and interest, some very enthusiastic fans found ways of creating mass votes to artificially inflate the vote counts.

However, as per our competition rules, and to ensure that the competition remains fair for all involved, these duplicate votes have been disqualified. The resulting vote counts are the true number of individual votes received by each of the contestants- no legitimate votes were lost in this process. We have also tightened up the security on the voting poll to prevent this happening again, having allowed a looser control so far so as not to exclude any legitimate voters.

We want to thank everyone who has voted so far for your support, and for helping to spread the word. The overwhelming response shows just how special these girls are!

PS: If you have any problems voting, please do not hesitate to contact us. Remember, only one vote per person will be accepted.

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